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Turn on the light.

A reflection for Advent from a new booklet by spiritual author Joyce Rupp: "We can have the best eyes in the world, but in pitch-black darkness our eyes are of little use to us. We need light in order to see our way. Advent is a season for Christ, our Light, to break through our spiritual darkness.

"When I consider the shadows that pervade my heart, they are usually the result of the way I see things. This seeing involves illusory notions I have of other persons, limited understandings of a situation, and unreal expectations that I foist upon others.

"Sometimes my lack of seeing is due to my failure to know myself as I truly am or because my blind spots hide a part of myself from me.... I come to see more clearly when I accept the guidance and insight offered to me by the Indwelling Christ. The light of this inner guidance is essential for my spiritual growth and well-being."

--"Welcome the Light: Daily Devotions for Advent,"
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Author:Schlumpf, Heidi
Publication:U.S. Catholic
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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