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Turn off the cellulite; Our fitness expert April Logan gives us the bottom line on how to declare war on the orange peelenemy; THE NEW YOU.

Almost 90 per cent of women suffer from cellulite to some degree, with both celebrities and us mere mortals all affected.

We buy creams, lose weight and go for the latest treatments in an effort to fight this unknown enemy.

So what is cellulite and how can exercise help us battle it? Cellulite is generally found in the lower half of a women's body, and makes our hips and bottoms look bumpy. This is caused by two main things – the fat stored in the cells and the collagen fibres holding the cells together. As the fat increases, it bulges through the vertical collagen fibres, like a pillow being pushed through a set of railings. Hence, we get those dreadful dimples of cellulite under the skin. So how do we combat cellulite and destroy the dreaded dimples?

Burning body fat – The best exercise to effectively combat cellulite is weight training. This can be a combination of lifting weights, body weight exercises, swinging a kettlebell, Bulgarian bag workouts or hitting the TRX for suspension training.

It will get the body to burn fat, tone the muscles and strengthen connective tissue, which reduces the appearance of cellulite in the area.

It also increases blood flow to help flush out the fat from the cells and allows more effective collagen reproduction to strengthen the collagen fibres.

Body fat lowering diet – Carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta, sugar) are the enemy when it comes to cellulite, particularly white carbs. To tackle cellulite, you should be reducing your bread–munching and upping the vegetables and lean protein (lean meat, eggs, tofu, beans and pulses).

We need carbohydrates for energy but they should be wholegrain and no more than a palmful each meal.

Collagen strengthening – There are lots of treatments to help with this which suggest good results, such as creams, vibration sessions, light therapy and heat treatments.

There are also some things you can do yourself, such as self–massage to the area affected or having a deep–tissue massage.

Foam rolling is effective for increasing blood flow, helping the body release fat from the cells and improving collagen reproduction in the area.

The bottom line is you can't combat cellulite by doing only one of the above. To win the battle, you need to exercise effectively, balance your diet and increase the blood flow to the area regularly.

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