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Engines replaced by silence of the lambs. Jul 27, 2018 520
Stones to the rescue. Kuhar, Mark S. Aug 1, 2015 453
Turfgrass Management Duration and Intensities Influence Soil Microbial Dynamics and Carbon Sequestration. Yi Wang; Cong Tu; Chunyue Li; Xingchang Zhang; Shuijin Hu; Tredway, Lane; Lee, David; Snell, Mark Report Feb 28, 2014 5017
No such thing as a green lawn: Californians should rethink the suburban ideal. Mosko, Sarah "Steve" Apr 5, 2010 1032
New Praxys makes turf perfect. Brief article Jun 1, 2008 128
Bibliography. Emmons, Robert D. Bibliography Jan 1, 2008 546
Chapter 17 Integrated pest management. Emmons, Robert D. Jan 1, 2008 6498
Chapter 18 Other turfgrass problems. Emmons, Robert D. Jan 1, 2008 8031
Chapter 19 Improving unsatisfactory turf. Emmons, Robert D. Jan 1, 2008 3314
Chapter 20 Golf course management. Emmons, Robert D. Jan 1, 2008 8129
Chapter 21 Lawns and other turf areas. Emmons, Robert D. Jan 1, 2008 3308
Chapter 22 Sports turf. Emmons, Robert D. Jan 1, 2008 3310
Appendix A Conversion tables. Emmons, Robert D. Table Jan 1, 2008 433
Glossary. Emmons, Robert D. Glossary Jan 1, 2008 4452
Chapter 8 Soil testing. Emmons, Robert D. Jan 1, 2008 2820
Chapter 9 Establishment. Emmons, Robert D. Jan 1, 2008 9291
Chapter 12 Water and irrigation. Emmons, Robert D. Jan 1, 2008 14526
Chapter 13 Pesticides. Emmons, Robert D. Jan 1, 2008 5985
Chapter 14 Weeds. Emmons, Robert D. Jan 1, 2008 6055
Chapter 16 Turfgrass diseases. Emmons, Robert D. Jan 1, 2008 9519
Reducing nutrient runoff from golf course fairways using grass buffers of multiple heights. Moss, Justin Q.; Bell, Gregory E.; Kizer, Michael A.; Payton, Mark E.; Zhang, Hailin; Martin, Dennis Jan 1, 2006 6051
Chapter 23 warm- and cool season turfgrass selection, establishment, care, and maintenance. Arteca, Richard N. Jan 1, 2006 6485
Effect of dazomet on annual bluegrass emergence and creeping bentgrass establishment in turf maintained as a golf course fairway. (Turfgrass Science). Park, Bradley S.; Landschoot, Peter J. Jul 1, 2003 6687
Optimizing manganese fertilization for the suppression of take-all patch disease on creeping bentgrass. (Turfgrass Science). Heckman, J.R.; Clarke, B.B.; Murphy, J.A. Jul 1, 2003 3783
Nitrogen selection and growth regulator applications for improving shaded turf performance. (Turfgrass Science). Steinke, K.; Stier, J.C. Jul 1, 2003 6736
Turfgrass evaluation of native grasses for the northern Great Plains region. (Turfgrass Science). Mintenko, A.S.; Smith, S.R.; Cattani, D.J. Nov 1, 2002 6138
Lack of competitive success of an intraseeded creeping bentgrass cultivar into an established putting green. (Turfgrass Science). Kendrick, Daniel L.; Danneberger, T. Karl Sep 1, 2002 5698
Turf quality and freezing tolerance of `Tifway' bermudagrass as affected by late-season nitrogen and trinexapac-ethyl. (Turfgrass Science). Richardson, M.D. Sep 1, 2002 6228
Comparative morphological development of divergent flowering types of annual bluegrass and tillering types of creeping bentgrass. (Turfgrass Science). Cattani, D.J.; Struik, P.C.; Nowak, J.N. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 5871
Old tires could be used to pep up turf. (Recycling). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 439
Patterns of variation in Poa annua populations as revealed by canonical discriminant analysis of life history traits. (Turfgrass Science). McElroy, J. Scott; Walker, Robert H.; van Santen, Edzard Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 4904
Promoting: Turfgrass Health in Winter. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 959
Lowering soil temperatures improves creeping bentgrass growth under heat stress. Xu, Qingzhang; Huang, Bingru Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 3479
Impact of Light-Weight Rolling on Putting Green Performance. Hartwiger, Christopher E.; Peacock, Charles H.; DiPaola, Joseph M.; Cassel, D. Keith Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2001 4022
Removal of Perennial Ryegrass from Overseeded Bermudagrass Using Cultural Methods. Horgan, Brian P.; Yelverton, Fred H. Jan 1, 2001 3905
Zoysiagrass Water Relations. White, R. H.; Engelke, M. C.; Anderson, S. J.; Ruemmele, B. A.; Marcum, K. B.; Taylor, G. R. II Jan 1, 2001 3840
Chapter 13 Turf: selection, establishment, and maintenance. Ingels, Jack E. Jan 1, 2001 10317
Tune up your turf. Cahoon, Sharon Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 999
OPEI predicts slow down for 2000-2001. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 216
Flurprimidol Effects on Kentucky Bluegrass under Reduced Irradiance. Stier, J. C.; Rogers, J. N. III; Crum, J. R.; Rieke, P. E. Sep 1, 1999 4897
Top Growth and Rooting Responses of Tall Fescue Cultivars Grown in Hydroponics. Kim Kyoung-Nam; Shearman, Robert C.; Riordan, Terrance P. Sep 1, 1999 3312
How modern hydraulic system technology helps turf equipment manufacturers cut it. Henke, Russ Jul 1, 1999 1083
Partitioning of Nitrate Assimilation between Shoots and Roots of Kentucky Bluegrass. Jiang, Zhongchun; Hull, Richard J. May 1, 1999 7546
Date of planting effects on seeded turf-type buffalograss. Frank, Devin W.; Gaussoin, Roch. E.; Riordan, Terrance P.; Miltner, Eric D. Sep 1, 1998 3250
Cell membrane thermostability and whole-plant heat tolerance of Kentucky bluegrass. Marcum, Kenneth B. Sep 1, 1998 4742
Shoot physiological responses of two bentgrass cultivars to high temperature and poor soil aeration. Huang, Bingru; Liu, Xiaozhong; Fry, Jack D. Sep 1, 1998 3483
Colorado DOT mowing guidelines. Jul 1, 1998 1954
Chemical-free lawns and gardens: safer ways are being found to deter weeds, insect pests, and disease. Johnson, Dan May 1, 1998 793
Turf & roadside maintenance. Apr 15, 1998 5238
Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy for analysis of turf soil profiles. Couillard, A.; Turgeon, A.J.; Shenk, J.S.; Westerhaus, M.O. Sep 1, 1997 5250
Multi-function trail maintenance vehicle. Mercer, Mike Jul 1, 1997 558
A look at New Holland's new tractors. Osenga, Mike Jul 1, 1997 1587
Supplier relationships key to new Dublin manufacturing facility. Jul 1, 1997 1139
Hydrostatic transmission line expanded at Hydro-Gear. Jul 1, 1997 709
Deere takes step forward in walk-behinds. Mercer, Mike Jul 1, 1997 444
Deere's newest walk-behind greensmower. Jul 1, 1997 500
Jacobsen expands fairway mower range. Jul 1, 1997 785
More powerful bunker rakes from Toro. Mercer, Mike Jul 1, 1997 759
Handy hints for your yard. Radtke, David May 1, 1997 641
Comparative methods of measuring thatch on a creeping bentgrass green. Callahan, Lloyd M.; Sanders, William L.; Parham, John M.; Harper, Cynthia A.; Lester, Lori D.; McDon Jan 1, 1997 4274
Laying sod. Prestly, Don Oct 1, 1994 1023
Turf & roadside maintenance. Apr 15, 1994 6203
Safety tips for turf maintenance equipment. Oct 1, 1992 3037
The natural lawn. Winward, Lane L. Jun 1, 1992 1493
Shortcuts to a healthy lawn. Henke, Ellen Apr 1, 1987 1275

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