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Turf WAR; couple's fury after garden is left looking like patchwork.

Byline: CHARLOTTE HADFIELD ECHO Correspondent news@liverpoolcom @LIVECHONEWS

A COUPLE was left with an ugly, dried up, patchwork garden after replacement turf was "left on the pavement for a day" in hot sunshine.

Igne Cools and her partner Karl Balshaw moved into their new rented house at Oval Crescent in Ellesmere Port in February.

A few months after the move they received a letter telling them that their garden would be dug up by builders who needed access to other houses on the street which had drainage issues.

They said construction company Galliford Try, contracted by developers Simple Life, ploughed through around ten gardens on the street at the end of May.

The couple say their garden was dug up and the work completed promptly, although they were left without a lawn for three weeks.

On June 27 workmen came back to lay the lawn with pieces of new turf - which Igne and Karl say is dead - leaving huge gaps between them. Inge, 54, said: "It's an amateur job. It looks like its been done by a four-yearold.

"They left the turf on the pavement for a day before they laid it which made it dry out and killed it. Then last week they put the turf down and it doesn't even reach the fence and there's huge gaps in between it,. It's a horrible result.

Igne Cools and Karl Balshaw "It's summer and we want to enjoy our garden, we pay a lot to live here. I've got a dog who can't use the garden either and he keeps looking out pawing at the window.

"We keep trying to contact the company but how they treat us is disgusting, they're so disrespectful.

"Every time I ring they say they will not talk to me and they tell me to go through Simple Life. The developers have been really helpful and are looking into it but we've heard nothing back from Galliford Try on what is going to be done.

"We feel like hiring solicitors but it costs a lot of money. We've said we'll get our own gardener but they said no."

Inge and Karl's house, which costs PS895 a month to rent, was not the only new build affected by the work on the street.

One neighbour, who asked not to be named, told the ECHO: "Mine's not as bad as Inge's but it's not good. We weren't able to use the garden because it was flooded, then because it was dug up and now the turf has been left like this, it's just one thing after another.

"It looks like my garden's been ploughed and the turf doesn't knit together properly."

According to Inge, developers Simple Life have been in touch with Galliford Try, having said they are responsible for the state of her garden. But Inge says, nothing has been done.

The ECHO asked Galliford Try and Simple Life for their perspective on what happened to the garden but had not received a response.

However Inge said a representative from Galliford Try had responded to her after she spoke to the ECHO, and accused her of not watering her turf - a claim she denies.


Igne Cools and Karl Balshaw

Igne Cools and her partner Karl Balshaw were shocked by the state of their garden

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 6, 2019
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