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Turbulence @PAL. Jul 30, 2021 751
Afternoon Sunlight is a Delight for Clouds. Jul 1, 2021 247
Environment and Mechanisms of Severe Turbulence in a Midlatitude Cyclone. Trier, Stanley B.; Sharman, R.D.; Munoz-Esparza, D.; Lane, T.P. Feb 1, 2021 640
'Pray Fervently To Avoid Crises, Turbulence This Year'. Jan 24, 2021 516
Simulation of J-Solution Solving Process of Navier-Stokes Equation. Wang, Wenjie; Ayana, Melkamu Teshome Jan 1, 2021 6183
Aerodynamic Fields inside S-Shaped Baffled-Channel Air-Heat Exchangers. Menni, Younes; Lorenzini, Giulio; Kumar, Ravinder; Mosavati, Babak; Nekoonam, Saeed Jan 1, 2021 6633
Combustion Turbulence Flow in the Advanced Vortex Combustor with Built-In Obstacles. Chen, Yu; Zeng, Zhuoxiong; Wang, Haoyuan Jan 1, 2021 6375
Engineering Application of an Identification Method to Shock-Induced Vortex Stability in the Transonic Axial Fan Rotor. Xue, Yan; Ge, Ning Jan 1, 2021 10256
Hydrodynamic Performance and Cavitation Analysis in Bottom Outlets of Dam Using CFD Modelling. Aminoroayaie Yamini, Omid; Mousavi, S. Hooman; Kavianpour, M. R.; Safari Ghaleh, Ramin Jan 1, 2021 7115
Impacts of Ground Slope on Main Performance Figures of Solar Chimney Power Plants: A Comprehensive CFD Research with Experimental Validation. Cuce, Erdem; Cuce, Pinar Mert; Sen, Harun; Sudhakar, K.; Berardi, Umberto; Serencam, Ugur Jan 1, 2021 7598
Sensitivity of the Coefficients of the Closure Model of the Interfacial Transfer in Bubble Columns. Ayed, Hamdi; Mouldi, Abir; Khedher, Khaled Jan 1, 2021 4821
Turbulence Calculations of a Dual-Structure Oxygen Lance for Converter Based on Hydrodynamics. Jia, Hongbin; Li, Yanxin; Han, Peng; Liu, Kun; Han, Haolei; Feng, Lianghua Jan 1, 2021 6404
Research on Ignition Energy Characteristics and Explosion Propagation Law of Coal Dust Cloud under Different Conditions. Liu, Tianqi; Jia, Ruiheng; Sun, Ruicheng; Tian, Weiye; Wang, Ning; Cai, Zhixin Jan 1, 2021 4304
Botola Pro D1: Zone de turbulence en vue pour l'OCK. Sep 9, 2020 263
Transient Flow Theory of Multiple-Fractured Horizontal Wells with Complex Mechanisms in Shale Gas Reservoirs. Du, Dianfa; Zhang, Genkai; Zhao, Yanwu; Sun, Xiaofei; Zhang, Bin Aug 31, 2020 9149
Performance Comparison of Bow and Stern Rudder for High-Speed Supercavitating Vehicles. Huang, Chuang; Luo, Kai; Qin, Kan; Li, Daijin; Dang, Jianjun Jun 30, 2020 10355
Numerical Simulation of the Hydraulic Performances and Flow Pattern of Swallow-Tailed Flip Bucket. Zhang, Lifang; Zhang, Jianmin; Guo, Yakun; Peng, Yong May 31, 2020 6113
Waverton Multi-Asset Income Fund buying equities again after coronavirus turbulence. May 13, 2020 174
Experimental and Numerical Icing Penalties of an S826 Airfoil at Low Reynolds Numbers. Harm, Richard; Hearst, R. Jason; Saetran, Lars Roar; Bracchi, Tania Report Apr 1, 2020 8643
On Classical Solutions for A Kuramoto-Sinelshchikov-Velarde-Type Equation. Coclite, Giuseppe Maria; Ruvo, Lorenzo di Report Apr 1, 2020 4535
3D Modeling and Mechanism Analysis of Breaking Wave-Induced Seabed Scour around Monopile. Liu, Xinsjinn; Liu, Cheng; Zhu, Xiaowei; He, Yong; Wang, Qisong; Wu, Zhiyuan Mar 31, 2020 7886
Wake Turbulence And Situational Awareness: Managing the risk of wake-induced loss of control requires good situational awareness and proactive responses to perceived threats. Banner, Michael J. Mar 1, 2020 2090
Best Tips To Stay Calm Amid Extreme Turbulence. Darwin Malicdem Jan 10, 2020 487
A New Model for Two-Phase Flow Boiling Heat Transfer of Refrigerant and Nanolubricant Mixtures in Smooth Tubes. Deokar, Pratik S.; Cremaschi, Lorenzo; Bigi, Andrea A.M. Jan 1, 2020 4890
Electrically Controlled Rotor Blade Vortex Interaction Airloads and Noise Analysis Using Viscous Vortex Particle Method. Su, Taoyong; Lu, Yang; Ma, Jinchao; Guan, Shujun Nov 30, 2019 7839
Three-Dimensional Aerodynamic Optimization of Single-Layer Reticulated Cylindrical Roofs Subjected to Mean Wind Loads. San, Bingbing; Xu, Chen; Qiu, Ye Sep 30, 2019 6574
A Meshless WCSPH Boundary Treatment for Open-Channel Flow over Small-Scale Rough Bed. Shi, Yang; Wei, Jiahua; Li, Shaowu; Song, Peng; Zhang, Bangwen Sep 30, 2019 9888
A Two-Fluid Conditional Averaging Paradigm for the Theory and Modeling of Turbulent Premixed Combustion. Zimont, Vladimir L. Aug 31, 2019 19737
Miley Cyrus' sister Brandi shares flight turbulence funny moments. Jul 11, 2019 549
Numerical Modeling of 3D Flow Field among a Compound Stilling Basin. Zhou, Zhao; Wang, Junxing Jun 30, 2019 10694
School put into special measures after 'turbulence'. May 4, 2019 407
'Turbulence' primary school is placed in special measures. May 4, 2019 391
Spreading of Four-Petal Lorentz-Gauss Beams Propagating through Atmospheric Turbulence. Chang, Shuai; Song, Yansong; Dong, Yan; Dong, Keyan Report May 1, 2019 2270
Spreading Properties of a Lorentz-Gauss Vortex Beam Propagating in Biological Tissues. Liu, Dajun; Yin, Hongming; Wang, Guiqiu; Dong, Aiyi; Wang, Yaochuan Report Apr 1, 2019 2376
Vortex Shedding Lock-In due to Pitching Oscillation of a Wind Turbine Blade Section at High Angles of Attack. Meskell, Craig; Pellegrino, Alberto Mar 31, 2019 7492
Great Leaders Dive Right Into Turbulence, With a Plan and Clear Goals. Brief article Feb 27, 2019 214
A New Fast Fluid Dynamics Model for Data-Center Floor Plenums. Tian, Wei; Healey, Christopher M.; VanGilder, James W.; Condor, Michael B.; Han, Xu; Zuo, Wangda Jan 1, 2019 3459
Propwash Baits: Put one smack in the turbulence and attract strikes from broad-shouldered king mackerel and more. Lacoss, Terry Sep 1, 2018 525
Predictive Analysis of the Damage to Axial-Flow Pump's Impeller in Sandy Water. Hua, Hong; Zhang, Zhi-Zhong; Liu, Xiao-Bing; Zeng, Yong-Zhong; Wang, Hui-Yan Report May 1, 2018 2974
Performance of explicit approximations of the coefficient of head loss for pressurized conduits/Desempenho de aproximacoes explicitas do coeficiente de perda de carga para condutos pressurizados. Pimenta, Bruna D.; Robaina, Adroaldo D.; Peiter, Marcia X.; Mezzomo, Wellington; Kirchner, Jardel H. May 1, 2018 4696
Summer turbulence looms over O's clash; Vanarama National. Apr 27, 2018 811
Le CNM met en garde contre la turbulence de la mer. Feb 4, 2018 130
Numerical Simulation Study on Root Stones Loss in Dam Buttress Engineering. Yao, Chi; Yang, Changming; Lan, Yan; Jiang, Qinghui; Jiang, Shuihua; Yang, Jianhua Jan 1, 2018 6385
Wind Load Characteristics and Action Mechanism on Internal and External Surfaces of Super-Large Cooling Towers under Wind-Rain Combined Effects. Ke, Shitang; Yu, Wenlin; Ge, Yaojun Jan 1, 2018 8017
Application of the Bionic Concept in Reducing the Complexity Noise and Drag of the Mega High-Speed Train Based on Computer Simulation Technologies. Hu, He-xuan; Tang, Bo; Zhang, Ye Jan 1, 2018 8033
Numerical Investigation of Turbulence Models for a Superlaminar Journal Bearing. Ding, Aoshuang; Ren, Xiaodong; Li, Xuesong; Gu, Chunwei Report Jan 1, 2018 6877
Simulation of Turbulent Convection at High Rayleigh Numbers. Dmitriev, Sergey; Kozelkov, Andrey; Kurkin, Andrey; Tarasova, Nataliya; Efremov, Valentin; Kurulin, Report Jan 1, 2018 7033
Modelling of Wind Pressure Coefficients on C-Shaped Building Models. Mallick, Monalisa; Mohanta, Abinash; Kumar, Awadhesh; Raj, Vivek Report Jan 1, 2018 4376
Research of PWR Pressurizer Insurge Characteristics on Three-Dimensional Transient Modeling. Liu, Jianquan; Zhang, Jiguo; Shi, Jingda; Li, Dong Jan 1, 2018 6468
Reduced-Complexity Receiver for Free-Space Optical Communication over Orbital Angular Momentum Partial-Pattern Modes. ElHelaly, Alaa; Mehana, Ahmed H.; Khairy, Mohammad M. Jan 1, 2018 6297
Statistics of Finite Scale Local Lyapunov Exponents in Fully Developed Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence. de Divitiis, Nicola Report Jan 1, 2018 7372
Boundary Value Problems Governed by Superdiffusion in the Right Angle: Existence and Regularity. Dzhafarov, Ramzet; Vasylyeva, Nataliya Jan 1, 2018 10169
Numerical Analysis of Thermal and Hydro Dynamical Processes in Upper Fuel Channel Part of Boiling Water Reactor. Paukstaitis, Linas; Kilikevicius, Sigitas; Lukosevicius, Valdas; Fedaravicius, Algimantas; Gudauskis Report Jan 1, 2018 2500
Maneuvering Speed: Combining the loads imposed by maneuvering with those encountered in turbulence can exceed structural limits. Burnside, Joseph E. Dec 1, 2017 1279
The Brief: Turbulence over Texas tollways. Nov 16, 2017 109
Study Finds Turbulence Could Lead to Lightning. Nov 1, 2017 303
Extrusion cooling: it's all about turbulence: regardless of what you are extruding, in order to maximize cooling you need to generate turbulence at the heat-exchange surface. Franklad, Jim Jul 1, 2017 696
Combined effect of turbulence and weather on radio over free space optics Ro-FSO. Adnan, Salah Aldeen; Ali, Mazin Ali A.; Saeedi, Sarah Ali. Al- Report Jul 1, 2017 2031
Performance of the heat transfer behavior of Tri Ethylene Glycol (TEG) based cuo and sin nanofluids in a rectangular pipe under the turbulent flow condition. Balasubramanian, Rajappa; Mukeshkumar, P.C. Jun 1, 2017 7141
Design of absorptive silencer of drum safety valve. Karthikeyan, M.; Sharmila, B.; Madhan, M.; Silambarasan, S. Jun 1, 2017 2409
Investigating exchange processes over complex topography: the Innsbruck box (i-Box). Rotach, Mathias W.; Stiperski, Ivana; Fuhrer, Oliver; Goger, Brigitta; Gohm, Alexander; Obleitner, F Apr 1, 2017 12297
Effect of pouring temperature on the Ti[b.sub.2] in cast Al/Ti[b.sub.2] Mmc and prediction of distribution pattern by commercial simulation software. Kumar, P. Senthil; Lakshminarayanan, P.R.; Varahamoorthi, R. Report Apr 1, 2017 3053
Numerical Study on Turbulent Forced Convection and Heat Transfer Characteristic in a Circular Tube with V-Orifice. Jedsadaratanachai, Withada; Boonloi, Amnart Report Jan 1, 2017 4989
Numerical Analysis on Flow Behavior of Molten Iron and Slag in Main Trough of Blast Furnace during Tapping Process. Wang, Li; Pan, Chien-Nan; Cheng, Wen-Tung Report Jan 1, 2017 5132
Numerical Simulations of the Flame of a Single Coaxial Injector. Zhukov, Victor P.; Feil, Markus Report Jan 1, 2017 7446
On the Convergence of the Uniform Attractor for the 2D Leray-[alpha] Model. Deugoue, Gabriel Report Jan 1, 2017 6983
Comparison of Different Turbulence Models for Numerical Simulation of Pressure Distribution in V-Shaped Stepped Spillway. Bai, Zhaoliang; Zhang, Jianmin Report Jan 1, 2017 3980
A Comprehensive Presentation of the Turbulent Plane Jet Theory with Passive Scalar. Violeau, D. Report Jan 1, 2017 5066
Numerical Simulation of an Offset Jet in Bounded Pool with Deflection Wall. Li, Xin; Wang, Yurong; Zhang, Jianmin Report Jan 1, 2017 5809
Influence of Geometry and Velocity of Rotating Solids on Hydrodynamics of a Confined Volume. Carvajal-Mariscal, Ignacio; Real-Ramlrez, Cesar A.; Sanchez-Silva, Florencio; de la Torre, Francisco Report Jan 1, 2017 6989
Vertical Distribution of Suspended Sediment under Steady Flow: Existing Theories and Fractional Derivative Model. Nie, Shiqian; Sun, HongGuang; Zhang, Yong; Chen, Dong; Chen, Wen; Chen, Li; Schaefer, Sydney Report Jan 1, 2017 5085
A New Approach for Accurate Prediction of Liquid Loading of Directional Gas Wells in Transition Flow or Turbulent Flow. Ming, Ruiqing; He, Huiqun Technical report Jan 1, 2017 4847
Linking meteorology, turbulence, and air chemistry in the Amazon rain forest: a field campaign reveals that the Amazon rain forest produces enough chemical species to undergo oxidation and generate aerosols, which can activate into cloud condensation nuclei and potentially influence cloud formation. Fuentes, Jose D.; Chamecki, Marcelo; Santos, Rosa Maria Nascimento dos; Von Randow, Celso; Stoy, Pau Report Dec 1, 2016 7192
A laboratory facility to study gas-aerosol-cloud interactions in a turbulent environment: the [PI] chamber: a turbulent, multiphase reaction chamber has been developed that is capable of generating and sustaining cloud formation in simulated tropospheric conditions for minutes to days. Chang, K.; Bench, J.; Brege, M.; Cantrell, W.; Chandrakar, K.; Ciochetto, D.; Mazzoleni, C.; Mazzole Report Dec 1, 2016 8926
A comparative study on airflow and temperature distribution in a symmetrical room adopting two types of displacement ventilation diffusers. Mahdi, Alaa Abbas; Shbeeb, Ali Aedan Report Dec 1, 2016 4299
Assemblage of turbulent jet flows through static particulate media/Turbulentsete jugavooluste kogumi liikumine labi osakestega taidetud staatilise keskkonna. Lauk, Peep; Rebassa, Josep Hueso; Kartushinsky, Aleksander; Tisler, Sergei; Tahemaa, Toivo; Polonsky Report Sep 1, 2016 5739
5 Fast Facts About Turbulence. Aug 13, 2016 305
Week of turbulence all new to Durham's coach; STONEMAN DECISION AND MUSTARD'S EXIT ROCK THE RIVERSIDE. Jul 27, 2016 555
Seafloor turbulence helps to drive major ocean circulation. Jun 1, 2016 511
Friction stir welding of Aa1100 aluminium alloy. Karthick, S.; Thirumalai, R. May 15, 2016 2527
CFD study of the effect of baffles on the energy consumption and the flow structure in a vessel stirred by a Rushton turbine. Kamla, Y.; Bouzit, M.; Hadjeb, A.; Arab, I.M.; Beloudane, M. Report May 1, 2016 3396
Two-dimensional study of heat transfer characteristics flow in a corrugated channel. Benchabi, R.; Lanani, A. Report Mar 1, 2016 3199
Newcastle would not have been relegated in 2008-09 if this man had been in charge, says Paul Merson; Newcastle United were relegated back in 2008-09 after a season of turbulence - but would Sam Allardyce have kept them up? Feb 28, 2016 248
Investigating the effects of turbulence and premixed air/methane fuel combustion on the performance of a miniature gas turbine--computer numerical simulation. Hasan, Ali M. Report Jan 1, 2016 8425
Flow topology of three-dimensional spherical flame in shock accelerated flows. Zhu, Yuejin; Yu, Lei; Dong, Gang; Pan, Jianfeng; Pan, Zhenhua Jan 1, 2016 4976
Effects of Low Incoming Turbulence on the Flow around a 5:1 Rectangular Cylinder at Non-Null-Attack Angle. Ricci, M.; Patruno, L.; de Miranda, S.; Ubertini, F. Report Jan 1, 2016 6450
Adaptive Disturbance Rejection Control for Automatic Carrier Landing System. Wang, Xin; Chen, Xin; Wen, Liyan Jan 1, 2016 6338
VA, VB And Negative G: the speed you aim for in turbulence probably isn't adjusted for weight, making it too fast. That's not hard to fix. Turner, Thomas P. Dec 1, 2015 1793
Turbulence. Nov 2, 2015 199
Quantum gravity experiments. Cahill, Reginald T. Report Oct 1, 2015 1418
Implications of the theory of turbulent mixing for wave propagation in media with fluctuating coefficient of refraction/Turbulentse segunemise teooria rakendusi lainelevile muutuva murdumisnaitajaga keskkonnas. Kalda, Jaan; Kree, Mihkel Report Sep 1, 2015 3647
Nonlinear energy in a wave turbulence system/Mittelineaarsete lainete energia turbulentsi tuupi lainesusteemides. Yokoyama, Naoto; Takaoka, Masanori Report Sep 1, 2015 3716
Numerical approach based design of centrifugal pump volute. Allali, A.; Belbachir, S.; Lousdad, A.; Merahi, L. Report Jul 1, 2015 2635
On the effect of finite-time correlations on the turbulent mixing in smooth chaotic compressible velocity fields/Lopliku korrelatsiooniaja mojust turbulentsele segunemisele siledates kaootilistes kokkusurutavates kiirusvaljades. Ainsaara, Siim; Kalda, Jaan Report Mar 1, 2015 4058
One-dimensional flame instability and control of burning in fire-chamber. Volkov, V.E. Report Mar 1, 2015 2829
When entering black hole, fasten seat belt. Grant, Andrew Brief article Feb 21, 2015 218
Roy faces RBI turbulence in bailout. Feb 14, 2015 410
Computational investigations on the effects of Gurney flap on airfoil aerodynamics. Jain, Shubham; Sitaram, Nekkanti; Krishnaswamy, Sriram Jan 1, 2015 4643
Laminar-turbulent transition in pipe flow: wall effects and critical Reynolds number. Kanda, Hidesada Report Jan 1, 2015 11174
Turbulence intensity effects on the vertical axis wind turbine starting efficiency. Malael, Ion; Dragan, Valeriu; Gherman, Bogdan Technical report Jan 1, 2015 1812
US calls on Russia to calm turbulence in Ukraine. Dec 4, 2014 124
Solar flare five-day predictions from quantum detectors of dynamical space fractal flow turbulence: gravitational wave diminution and earth climate cooling. Cahill, Reginald T. Report Oct 1, 2014 3477
Diesel performances during combustion using high swirling flow in unconfined burner. Norwazan, A.R.; Mohd Jaafar, M.N. Report Aug 30, 2014 2817
Increasing power output by reducing the windmill blade-tip vortex. Frost, E.O. Author abstract Aug 1, 2014 237
Gravitational wave experiments with Zener diode quantum detectors: fractal dynamical space and universe expansion with inflation epoch. Cahill, Reginald T. Report Jul 1, 2014 5188
PAIDEffect of sudden area expansion on formation of cross-waves in downstream of bottom outlet tunnel of dams. Maraghi, Ali Fallah; Nia, Mahmood Reza Mollaei; Abdi, Hassan Report Jun 1, 2014 2071
Experimental analysis of roughness over drag and turbulence in the automobile "Samand". Khoshnevis, Abdolamir bak; Daneshpajooh, Vida; Amini, Hamidreza Report Jun 1, 2014 5243
Schools coping with Common Core turbulence. DeNisco, Alison Apr 1, 2014 425
Investigation of liquid viscosity influence on flow rate measurement by rotary vane meters/Skysciu klampos itakos debito matavimui sukiaisiais mentiniais debito matuokliais tyrimas. Maslauskas, E.; Pedisius, N.; Zygmantas, G. Report Mar 1, 2014 3756
Neeson encounters some turbulence. Horwitz, Jane Feb 28, 2014 216
Rough surfaces can reduce friction drag. Jan 19, 2014 110
Numerical simulation of a spiral wall/Sraigtines sieneles skaitmeninis modeliavimas. Dellil, A.Z. Report Jan 1, 2014 4671
A study on proximal region of low Reynolds confluent jets--Part 1: evaluation of turbulence models in prediction of inlet boundary conditions. Ghahremanian, Shahriar; Moshfegh, Bahram Report Jan 1, 2014 7687
Effect of turbulence intensity on cross-injection film cooling at a stepped or smooth endwall of a gas turbine vane passage. Wu, Pey-Shey; Tsai, Shen-Ta; Jhuo, Yue-Hua Report Jan 1, 2014 4745
Numerical investigation of galloping instabilities in Z-shaped profiles. Gomez, Ignacio; Chavez, Miguel; Alonso, Gustavo; Valero, Eusebio Report Jan 1, 2014 6821
Turbulence model sensitivity and scour gap effect of unsteady flow around pipe: a CFD study. Ali, Abbod; Sharma, R.K.; Ganesan, P.; Akib, Shatirah Report Jan 1, 2014 5067
Characteristics of low Reynolds number shear-free turbulence at an impermeable base. Mohtar, W.H.M. Wan; ElShafie, A. Report Jan 1, 2014 6560
Simulation analysis of air flow and turbulence statistics in a rib grit roughened duct. Vogiatzis, I.I.; Denizopoulou, A.C.; Ntinas, G.K.; Fragos, V.P. Report Jan 1, 2014 3871
External aerodynamics simulations in a rotating frame of reference. Cariglino, Filomena; Ceresola, Nicola; Arina, Renzo Report Jan 1, 2014 4584
Shape optimization of NREL S809 airfoil for wind turbine blades using a multiobjective genetic algorithm. He, Yilei; Agarwal, Ramesh K. Report Jan 1, 2014 4910
Local strain rate and curvature dependences of scalar dissipation rate transport in turbulent premixed flames: a direct numerical simulation analysis. Gao, Y.; Chakraborty, N.; Swaminathan, N. Report Jan 1, 2014 17036
Combustion characteristics for turbulent prevaporized premixed flame using commercial light diesel and kerosene fuels. Shehata, Mohamed S.; ElKotb, Mohamed M.; Salem, Hindawi Report Jan 1, 2014 9934
Consistent conditional moment closure modelling of a lifted turbulent jet flame using the presumed [beta]-PDF approach. El Sayed, Ahmad; Fraser, Roydon A. Report Jan 1, 2014 13622
Modelling shallow water wakes using a hybrid turbulence model. Rodriguez-Cuevas, Clemente; Couder-Castaneda, Carlos; Flores-Mendez, Esteban; Herrera-Diaz, Israel E Report Jan 1, 2014 4629
Unusual head shape makes the dwarf seahorse a stealthy predator: top of snout prevents turbulence from tipping off prey. Milius, Susan Dec 28, 2013 394
Getting to the bottom of ocean mixing. Dec 1, 2013 541
Experimental study of longitudinal velocity gradient in submerged hydraulic jet. Nezhad, Moslem Mansouri; Jahromi, Habib Mousavi; Sedghi, Hossein; Zadeh, Houshang Hassoni Report Dec 1, 2013 2631
Robins are flying high again after turbulence; SOUTHERN LEAGUE. Nov 3, 2013 291
Southampton to lead work on turbulence complexities. Oct 1, 2013 284
CFD analysis of terrain induced turbulence at Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik. Rasheed, Adil; Sorli, Karstein Report Sep 1, 2013 4058
Turbulence models may slash fuel use. Sep 1, 2013 320
Numerical simulation of grid-generated turbulent particulate flow by three-dimensional Reynolds stress/Dispersse (ohktahked osakesed) vooluse voreturbulentsi arvmodelleerimine kolmemootmelise Reynoldsi pingete mudeliga. Kartushinsky, Alexander; Rudi, Ylo; Stock, David; Hussainov, Medhat; Shcheglov, Igor; Tisler, Sergei Report Sep 1, 2013 4847
Degree of depolarization of quantization Hermite-Gaussian beam in a turbulent atmosphere. Zhang, Licheng; Zhang, Yixin; Zhu, Yun Report Aug 1, 2013 4227
Critical number. Hunt, John Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2013 425
Culprit behind magnetic field misbehavior in solar flares identified. May 23, 2013 584
RANS simulations of turbulent and thermal mixing in a T-junction/Suoliu modeliavimas T jungtyse turbulentinio ir silumos maisymo sistemose. Aounallah, M.; Belkadi, M.; Adjlout, L.; Imine, O. Report May 1, 2013 3675
How turbulence of gases in planet-forming protoplanetary disks works. Apr 3, 2013 615
The Great Gazzoon: A Tall Tale with Tunes and Turbulence. Sound recording review Mar 22, 2013 105
Scintillation index of a Gaussian Schell-model beam on slant atmospheric turbulence. Xiang, Ning-Jing; Wu, Zhen-Sen Report Mar 1, 2013 3791
The influence of free and disturbed laminar-turbulent transition for the Wortmann FX 66-s-196 V1 and Eppler E 385 airfoils at low Reynolds numbers/Laisvo ir priverstinio laminarinio turbulentinio virsmo itaka Wortmann'o FX 66-S-196 V1 ir Eplerio E 385 sparno profiliu aerodinaminems charakteristikoms esant maziems Reinoldso skaiciams. Naujokaitis, L.; Lasauskas, E. Report Mar 1, 2013 2788
Numerical study on turbulent flow forced-convection heat transfer for air in a channel with waved fins/Priverstinio-konvekcinio turbulentinio silumos srauto perdavimo orui kanale su banguotu briaunu grioveliais skaitine analize. Benzenine, H.; Saim, R.; Abboudi, S.; Imine, O. Report Mar 1, 2013 4900
India faces the eastern turbulence. Feb 4, 2013 422
Large Eddy simulation of unstably stratified turbulent flow over urban-like building arrays. Wang, Bobin; Cui, Guixiang Report Jan 1, 2013 4865
Investigation of the effects of length to depth ratio on open supersonic cavities using CFD and proper orthogonal decomposition. Yilmaz, Ibrahim; Ayli, Ece; Aradag, Selin Report Jan 1, 2013 5930
Modeling and simulation of turbulent flows through a solar air heater having square-sectioned transverse rib roughness on the absorber plate. Yadav, Anil Singh; Bhagoria, J.L. Report Jan 1, 2013 6335
Tiny turbulent swirls may heat up solar wind. Dec 19, 2012 509
Legal turbulence lies ahead. Oct 30, 2012 253
Solvability of primitive equations for the ocean with vertical mixing. Honda, Hirotada Report Oct 1, 2012 2516
Penetrating turbulence. Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2012 199
Magnetic turbulence tricks collisions into heating solar winds. Aug 18, 2012 540
TURBULENCE AT AN END... School 'satisfactory' - inspectors. Jun 29, 2012 246
Les Egyptiens elisent dans la turbulence. Jun 18, 2012 407
Electric Moon jolts solar wind causing turbulence. May 31, 2012 701
Paraglider's 60ft fall; Knocked out... but home to tell of turbulence crash drama LUCKY TO BE ALIVE 2. May 7, 2012 441
Kershaw's Turbulence: this folder sports slick looks and features aplenty. Covert, Pat Apr 24, 2012 334
Direct numerical simulation of turbulent heat transfer in pipe flows with various Prandtl numbers. Rashid, Mamunur; Hassan, Kamrul; Islam, Mominul; Kamruzzaman, Md.; Islam, Tariqul Report Mar 1, 2012 3626
Air bubbles and water droplets entrainment and removal in turbulent water flows/Oro burbuliuku ir vandens laseliu itraukimas ir ismetimas turbulenciniuose vandens srautuose. Vaideliene, A.; Vaidelys, V. Report Jan 1, 2012 4063
Research for the turbulent two-phase flow governing equations in direct- injection engine/Turbulentinio dvieju faziu sriauto tiesioginio ipurskimo variklyje svarbiausiuju lygybiu tyrimas. Liu, Y.; Yang, J.; Qin, J.; Zhu, A. Report Jan 1, 2012 2391
Simulation of evaporating isopropyl alcohol droplets injected into a turbulent flow/Izopropilo alkoholio laseliu, ipurkstu i turbulentine srove, isgaravimo imitavimas. Merouane, H.; Bounif, A.; Abidat, M. Report Nov 1, 2011 2696
The numerical modeling of nitrogen oxides and coal monoxide in the atmosphere, when applying phoenics programme /Azoto Oksidu ir anglies monoksido sklaidos atmosferoje skaitinis modeliavimas pagal PHOENICS programa. Januseviciene, Inga; Venckus, Zenonas Report Sep 1, 2011 3532
Heat transfer and friction factor characteristics of [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3], CuO and Ti[O.sub.2] nanofluid in plain tube with longitudinal strip inserts by using computational fluid dynamics. Reddy, M. Chandra Sekhara; Rao, V. Vasudeva; Sundar, L. Syam Jun 1, 2011 3599
Occurrence of Ceratium furcoides (Levander) Langhans 1925 bloom at the Billings Reservoir, Sao Paulo State, Brazil/Ocorrencia de floracao de Ceratium furcoides (Levander) Langhans 1925, na represa Billings, Estado De Sao Paulo, Brasil. Matsumura-Tundisi, T.; Tundisi, J.G.; Luzia, A.P.; Degani, R.M. Aug 1, 2010 2442
New model to help development of more efficient aircraft. Jul 10, 2010 498
Scientists launch rockets to study turbulence in the upper atmosphere. Feb 27, 2009 267

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