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Turbines blot this landscape; Views of the North.

TOM Sharpe, one of the UK's "greatest satirists", would have loved the irony.

As you report (The Journal, June 7), his ashes will be scattered at the remote church at Throckrington, where he spent summers as a child.

His hilarious book, The Throwback, was set in Northumberland. He wrote 16 books including Blott on the Landscape. To the left of your photograph, but very clearly in full view of the scatterers of his remains, are eighteen enormous 328ft-high Danish wind turbines, courtesy of EDF, the French leccy company.

Perhaps the French don't do irony. EDF states on its website: "We currently own and run 20 onshore wind farms in the beautiful, rugged countryside of North East England."

If a stop is not put to the march of these contraptions, there will be no "beautiful rugged countryside" left, the beautiful rugged countryside locals enjoy and which draws tourists with their cash.

A rigged system makes it a no-brainer for the landowner and an imposition on the rest of us.

An unholy alliance of nitwit pseudo-Greens and wooly-minded liberals, lickspittle planners who push projects though against overwhelming local opposition and county councillors who 'forget' that they have tried to erect a turbine on their own land (The Journal, March 16, 2012) is destroying the lansdcape of rural north east England. The name of the wind 'farm' to the left of your picture is Green Rigg. I think they doubled the 'g' to conceal its true identity.

Tom Sharpe must be turning in his grave. Or he would if he wasn't going to be cremated and scattered at previously remote and beautiful Throckrington so I guess he'll be blown about a bit by the wind turbines instead.

But you know what I mean. ROBERT HANDYSIDE, Swarland, Northumberland
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jun 10, 2013
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