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Tunnel safety, the Federal Roads.

Invitation to tender : Detailed Project Description As part of the increase in tunnel safety, the Federal Roads Office in 2015 intends - 2018 escape outlets for the tunnel BEnrenburg create. Components of the project "N13 safety tunnel Tunnel BEnrenburg" are the construction of the safety gallery incl. Interconnections (QV), and connectors on the tunnel, the creation of the portal stations north and south as well as the new headquarters premises for BSA / ventilation of the tunnel, preparatory work for the fire water supply and the bed of a ramp with creation of an access road at the northern portal. Not part of the project are repair work in the tunnel, the creation of the fire water supply incl. Hydrant line retraction of transit lines and equipping of additional headquarters premises. Not to this offer is the equipment of Sisto and the portal stops by the BSA facilities. The Sisto BEnrenburg consists of the walk-Sisto, five cross-connections (QV) in the tunnel, and the portal stops south and north. The Sisto axis is around 20 m uphill side (east) of the tunnel axis, the distance to the portals increases towards. The Portal stations include the lock and various technical areas. In addition, premises for the supply of the tunnel BEnrenburg be created, which form structures combined with the Sisto rooms. From portal to portal Sisto measures 1,002 m (excl. QV). This tender includes the following approximate quantities and services. OPERATIONS UNDER DAY: Outbreak laid in the rock about 17,000 m3 Outbreak laid in loose rock about 2,500 m3 Shotcrete approximately 2,500 m3 Anchor about 6,000 St. Pipe Umbrella 500m Reinforcement nets approximately 17,300 m2 Steel profiles about 62 t Drains approximately 1,100 m Situ concrete approximately 1,400 m3. WORKS ON DAY: Mining rock about 1,400 m3 Excavation loose rock about 5,000 m3 Embankment approximately 43~100 m3 Shotcrete 600 m3 Anchor about 420 pcs. Reinforcement 120 t Situ concrete approximately 920 m3 Cable conduits approximately 1,450 m Coverage pit approximately 310 m2.

Division into lots: No

Validity of the offer: 9 months from the date stated for receipt of tenders

Tender documents are available from: 07.06.2015 to 09.18.2015

Desired deadline for written questions: 07/31/2015

Deadline for submitting offers Date: 09/18/2015

Tender documents are available from: 07.06.2015 to 09.18.2015


Address : 6500 Bellinzona, Schweiz,

Country :Switzerland

Email :

Tender notice number : 873961

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2015-09-18

Tender documents : T28154543.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jul 7, 2015
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