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Tunity app lets appraisers tune in when audio is turned off.

On a recent trip through Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, I visited an airline lounge that had a large banner hanging at the entrance promoting the Tunity app. I had never seen banner ads in an airline lounge, so this one piqued my curiosity. Within a few minutes, I had the Tunity app downloaded to my iPhone. (Don't feel left out, Android users: Tunity also is available on Google Play.)

What is Tunity?

Tunity is, in my opinion, a brilliantly conceived app that allows users to hear live audio output from any muted TV. It's helpful in situations where users might want to listen to a broadcast but are unable to do so (such as in airports, bars, gyms, universities, waiting areas and hospitals), or situations where users want to tune in but do not want to disturb others. Users can listen privately using headphones or less privately through Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

Tunity probably won't help valuation professionals tackle real estate-related business, but the app adds value during business travel and other situations where users might wish to hear a live television broadcast when it otherwise wouldn't be possible.

How does Tunity work?

Simply point a smartphone or tablet at the muted TV, and the Tunity app scans it to locate the channel and then syncs and streams audio to the device. The scanning is relatively fast, but it can take 10 to 20 seconds for the audio to begin playing.

The app only supports live broadcasts, not recorded programs. It works with multiple TV and cable channels--not just sports, but plenty of them, such as the Big Ten Network, SEC Network, multiple ESPN stations and about a dozen others broadcasting NBA and NHL games. A list of channels currently supported by Tunity is included within the app.

Users can switch back and forth between channels without having to continually rescan the TV; scanned channels are automatically added to the user's list for a given location. Some channels may have minor issues syncing the audio, so Tunity provides fine-tuning buttons for manual adjustments.

Bottom line

Tunity won't solve your big data dilemmas, but it is a very useful tool. It's available free in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

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R. Wayne Pugh, MAI, is CEO of real estate consulting and appraisal firm R. Wayne Pugh and Co., the head of Software for Real Estate Professionals Inc. and a principal member of Real Estate Counseling Group of America. He formerly served as president of the Appraisal Institute and as chair of the Louisiana Appraisal Board.

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Date:Jan 1, 2019
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