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Tunisians differ about Islam, jobs and drafting a constitution.

Tunisia's political turmoil What was a the core of the Tunisians protests?

"The protests themselves were rooted in a deeply contentious political arena facing rising polarization around the role of Islam, anxiety about the drafting of the constitution, and the failure of the transitional government to effectively respond to a deep jobs crisis."

The best photo indeed to represent #Egypt This photo won the first prize in a photo competition held by the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs.

It was taken by the embassy of Netherlands in Cairo at the famous Friday market "Flee popular market.

2012 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix -- Abu Dhabi Sport Timings Forget the crazy news about Schumacher retiring (again) and Lewis moving to the Mercedes F1 teamC* blah, blah, blah. F1 returns this weekend to one of the best grand prix circuits ever: Suzuka!

Mad Max Saudi Arabia As if things weren't bad to begin with they had to up the game by include weapons and a destruction derby.

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Date:Oct 4, 2012
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