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Tunisian-Israelis Win Holocaust Survivor Payments.


A court ruling has awarded Tunisian-born Israelis who were victims of Nazi = persecution the same payments awarded to European survivors, according to t= he Associated Press, which said it obtained the court document.

Tunisian-born Jews have been fighting a legal battle for five years for the= benefits, which will go to about 20,000 Tunisians who were in their home c= ountry when the Nazis occupied it in late 1942. Several thousands were sent= enced to forced labor and 20 activists died in death camps.

Allied forces arrived the following year but only after the Nazi regime sei= zed Jewish property and forced Jews to wear a yellow star. Most of the Tuni= sian Jewish community moved to Israel after the re-establishment of the Sta= te of Israel.

Prior to the ruling, Israel regarded the Tunisian Jews as "displaced" peopl= e and not Holocaust survivors. However, the ruling does not entitle them to= back payments. A Finance Ministry spokesman told AP that he was not aware = of the court ruling and declined to comment.

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Feb 12, 2008
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