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Tunisian Parties Continue Condemnation of Tunisian Interim Government's Conspiring against Syria.

TUNIS, (SANA)- Tunisian parties and popular organizations continued their condemnation of the Tunisian interim government's involvement in the conspiratorial plot against Syria and its hosting of the so-called 'Friends of Syria' conference last Friday, describing it as the conference of Syria's enemies.

The Tunisian Socialist Arab Vanguard Party said the hosting of the aforementioned conference in Tunisia contradicts the will of the Tunisian people and their values that reject conspiring against peoples and marketing the plots of their enemies.

The Party stressed its rejection of making Tunisia a hub of conspiring in service of reactionary Arab parties that are implementing the agendas of western and Zionist powers and have nothing to do with freedom and democracy.

The Party recalled the destruction that befell Libya, Sudan, Palestine and Iraq at the hands of these Zionist powers, holding the inviters of the so-called 'Friends of Syria' conference accountable for getting involved in this conspiracy against Syria.

For its part, the founding commission of the Tunisian National Democratic Labor Party stressed rejection of hosting the conference that is aimed at targeting Syria on Tunisian territories as it promotes dictates of hegemony and serves regional and international agendas that harm Tunisia's interests.

The Tunisian General Federation of Trade Unions also denounced the conference and its hosting which made Tunisia a gate of foreign interference in the Arabs' affairs.



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Publication:Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)
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Date:Feb 26, 2012
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