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Tunisian Actress in Semi-Nude Magazine Scandal.

In the footsteps of Alia al-Mahdi C* Nadia Boussetta Tunisian Actrees appear topless on the cover of magazine Another Arab revolution, another exposed Arab woman? On the back of Egypt's "naked blogger", controversy erupts as Tunisian actress and singer, Nadia Boussetta, appears suggestively partially nude on the cover of French language, Tunisian magazine, "Tunivisions". Many of those who are outraged claim that the photos are in poor taste considering the political situation in Tunisia. Others are reading it as a new-found confidence in 'freer' Tunisia post Bin-Ali.

Is this indeed a direction of commodifying the Tunisian female image in post-revolution Tunisia? Or is it more of tongue-in-cheek copy of more western "liberal" imagery?

#Syrian Revolution : Blogger #Razan Ghazzawi is arrested The blogging community it twittering away- literally- over the arrest of blogger and activist Razan Ghazzawi. Ghazzawi was arrested on the Syrian-Jordanian border on her way to a conference in Amman. Support and protest has been shown heavily on social media outlets as Facebook and Twitter.

Sorry, No Benches Allowed Ali writes in objection to the fact that several public benches in Amman's more scenic areas are being gradually removed and replaced by police kiosks.

"It's not just about the benches, my objection is about those who allowed themselves to limit the freedom of everyone by issuing such an order!"

An America That's Never Wrong Middle East-based American professor Paul J. Balles comments on the American government's and talking head's insistence on arrogance in spite of a need for modesty.

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Date:Dec 5, 2011
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