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Tunisia - Chergui Field & Petrofac Energy Operations.

Petrofac Energy in August 2008 began nat. gas and condensate production from the Chergui field on Kerkennah Island. The development produced first commercial gas from two wells. The central production facility could process up to 30 MCF/d of gas, which was the volume of Petrofac's 2016 production.

STEG is buying the output, delivered via a 57-km pipeline to shore. This is where the gas flow is tied into STEG's facilities at Ain Turkia near Sfax on its main pipeline to Tunis.

Petrofac has said production plateau rates of 30 MCF/d were expected for more than the four years first committed. Petrofac operated the field and held 45%. ETAP helds the remaining 55%. The total cost of the development was put at about $100m.

After a 2012 meeting in Tunis with then Interim PM Hamadi Jebali, Petrofac Executive Director Ayman al-Asfari said his company was to expand its activities in Tunisia in an effort to boost its foot-print in the North African country. He said: "Petrofac plans to...start new works on gas exploration in the island of Kerkennah. We plan for this purpose to develop our facilities to increase the volume of production" and to operate in other parts of Tunisia. And in May 2011, Petrofac suspended operations because of protests by fishermen in the region. But it resumed its work after a short period and pledged to raise a budget of 1.5m dinars/year to support development and employment in the region.

The Tunisian government was a main supporter of Petrofac in the country, as it earned a percentage from the company's findings and extraction. According to the Ministry, Petrofac had been vital in the country's push to find new sources of energy and buttress the economy during the transition period following the revolution which began in late 2010 and led to the ouster of Ben'Ali who fled to Jeddah on Jan. 14, 2011.

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Publication:APS Review Gas Market Trends
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Date:Apr 23, 2018
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