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Tunisia's public debt stands at 69.5% of GDP by late November 2017 (ministry).

(TAP)- Tunisia's public debt stood by late November at 69.5% of GDP against 61.4% in November 2016 and 61.9% in 2016, the Finance Ministry indicated in a brochure posted on its website.

The public debt outstanding soared from 55, 921.5 MTD for the whole year of 2016 to 67, 256.5 MTD in November 2017.

The external debt was estimated at 46, 803.7 MTD in November 2017 (48.35% of GDP). It includes multilateral debts (50%), bilateral debts (14%) and the debts contracted with the international financial market.

Domestic debt reached 20, 452.8 MTD (21.13% of GDP). It is mainly made up of fungible treasury bonds (60%) and treasury deposits (29%).

The upward trend concerned debt servicing which significantly increased, surging from 4, 811.3 MTD in November 2016 and 5. 198 MTD for the whole year of 2016 to 6, 670.8 MTD in November 2017.

In the supplementary finance law, debt servicing was set at 7. 090 MTD.

Likewise, the external borrowing stood at 8, 422.6 MTD by late November 2017, that is more than twice the level of 2016 ( 4, 013.5 MTD). Domestic borrowing shrunk by 3, 888.6 MTD for the whole year 2016 to reach 2,410.1 MTD in November 2017.

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Publication:Agency Tunis Afrique Press
Date:Jan 2, 2018
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