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Tuning up your downhill skis.

If you'd like better performance from your downhill skis and are not daunted by doing it yourself, consider ski tuning. Ski tuning means flattening a ski's base, sharpening its edges, filling base gouges, and hot-waxing the base to reduce snowski friction. (Professional tuneups, available at some ski shops, cost $20 to $30.) But be warned that your first attempt should be on an old pair of skis.

Tuning should be done every four or five outings; but hot-waxing (steps 9 and 10) should be done before every outing.

At ski shops you can buy the tuning tools or a kit for about $30 to $40. Hot-waxing irons (step 9) cost $18 to $30. You can substitute an old iron (not a steam iron) set at its lowest setting.

Work tip to tail on all steps shown.
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Date:Feb 1, 1984
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