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Tuning in to radio shop memories.

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WHERE was Taylor's radio shop? Chris Pearson got a crystal or "cat's whisker" radio set there 60 years ago and thought it was near the old bus station at Upperhead Row. If he was wrong, he asked fellow readers to put him right. And they have. Colin Bamford says Taylor's was where he describes but moved to the bottom of King Street when the new bus station was built.

"It was between a Polish deli and a newsagent's shop. It was then called Taylor's Available and run by the daughter of the original owner.

"Miss Taylor knew my mother. She was always well dressed and usually had a small dog with her. The shop was demolished to make way for Kingsgate."

Anthony Lockwood, of Slaithwaite, used it when it was in King Street. "This was an Aladdin's cave of amateur radio where I bought parts to build crystal sets and, later, transistor radios."

Colin Liversidge, of Dalton, says his family had a crystal set: "It was a smallish plastic white box with solid headphones. It picked up a clear BBC signal as the radio had a black dial at the front."

He bought items from Taylor's in King Street and adds: "The man who served you made sure you understood everything you bought." Ann-marie Redmonds says: "The conversation about radios opened my memory box. In the mid-50s I had a crystal set - not the nice white bought one, but one that my dad made for me.

"He could make anything and was very proud - and so was I - of the small wooden box with tuner and volume knobs and headphones.

"I suspect that, apart from demonstrating his prowess, he wanted to get me away from the sideboard on which I can remember lying full-length with my ear glued to their wireless. It was Radio Luxembourg, I think, that had all my attention in those days."

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Nov 13, 2018
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