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Tuna 'fly' through the oceans.

GIANT bluefin tuna possess a unique hydraulic control system that allows them to "fly" through the ocean like fighter jets, scientists have discovered.

Lymphatic fluid pumped through internal channels causes their large sickle-shaped fins subtly to change shape, aiding manoeuvrability at high speed.

In just the same way, fast jets rely on fine adjustments to their control surfaces to remain stable in the air.

Experts learned about the lymphdriven hydraulics after studying Pacific bluefin and yellowfin tuna swimming in tanks.

Dr Vadim Pavlov, from Stanford University in the US, said: "What we have discovered in these tunas is unlike other animal hydraulic systems. It's a musculo-vascular complex that is integrating the lymphatic system, the skeletal muscles and fin bones.

"We've shown that in tunas and their fast-swimming relatives this complex functions to generate hydraulic pressure that provides fine adjustment of the shape of their fins."

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jul 24, 2017
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