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Tumors of the Liver and Intrahepatic Bile Ducts.

By Kamal G. Ishak, Zachary D. Goodman, and J. Thomas Stocker (Atlas of Tumor Pathology, 3rd series, fascicle 31), 356 pp, with illus, Washington, DC, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, 2001.

Tumors of the Liver and Intrahepatic Bile Ducts is the 31st fascicle of the third series of the Atlas of Tumor Pathology, published by the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. When reviewing this fascicle, the question that immediately confronted me, and which each reader of this book must ask, is whether it provides up-to-date pathologic information that allows readers to be current in the 21st century. This book does that, and effectively so! The world-renowned authors of this book have successfully provided an updated, well-written, and well-illustrated atlas.

This 356-page atlas has 14 chapters and begins with the embryology, histology, and anatomy of the liver The next 4 chapters deal with benign tumors; individual chapters are devoted to benign tumors of hepatocytes, benign tumors of bile ducts, mesenchymal tumors, and miscellaneous benign tumors and pseudotumors of the liver Chapter 6 addresses solely hepatoblastoma, while chapter 7 tackles precancerous lesions. The final 7 chapters discuss malignant tumors, reserving 2 chapters for hepatocellular carcinoma, both classic and fibrolamellar. A chapter is also dedicated to discussion of each of the following: cholangiocarcinoma, miscellaneous malignant tumors, malignant mesenchymal tumors, and primary lymphoma. The book concludes with a discussion of metastatic tumors. An appendix handily includes TNM classification of primary malignant tumors.

Like all the other fascicles of this excellent series, the discussion of each entity begins with a definition, followed by etiology and epidemiology, clinical features, radiological findings, gross findings, microscopic findings, histochemical and immunohistochemical findings, ultrastructural findings, treatment, and prognosis. A uniform format such as this allows for a comprehensive discussion of each entity. Each chapter ends with an exhaustive list of references for each entity, and references are grouped accordingly. The quality of the images measures up to all other fascicles in this series. The images are in vivid color, a feature that is now expected by most readers owing to recent advances in digital imaging technology. The discussions are concise and complete, and molecular pathology information is provided when applicable.

For the "hepatophile," this atlas is a pleasure to read page by page. However, an additional question that might be raised is if one wants to know more about a particular liver or biliary tree tumor, would this be one of the primary books to consult? Without a doubt, the answer is yes. This fascicle is a "must have" not only for the student or teacher of liver pathology, but also for the practicing surgical pathologist, radiologist, gastroenterologist, hepatologist, and surgeon.
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Author:Hartman, Grace Guzman
Publication:Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
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Date:Jun 1, 2002
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