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Woman stayed awake during 8-hour brain surgery on tumour she had dismissed as headache; Emily Sudlow, 26, thought she just had a cold when she suffered a 13-day headache -but it turned out to be stroke which has left her with a stammer despite undergoing an eight-hour operation to remove a brain tumour. By, James Butler & Lorna Hughes Jan 17, 2021 1075
12-hour brain tumour surgery saves Riley, 8. Jan 8, 2021 344
I feared our little girl would lose her voice after tumour surgery. CHARLOTTE HADFIELD ECHO Reporter @Charl_hadfield Dec 15, 2020 798
Indian doctors strike in protest against 'quackery'. Sanjay Kumar Dec 12, 2020 663
Shared decision-making for the management of small renal masses: Development and acceptability testing of a novel patient decision aid. Mcalpine, Kristen; Breau, Rodney H.; Stacey, Dawn; Knee, Christopher; Jewett, Michael A.S.; Violette Report Dec 1, 2020 4537
Surveillance post-radiofrequency ablation for small renal masses: Recurrence and followup. Lam, Cameron J.; Wong, Nathan C.; Voss, Maurice; Mironov, Oleg; Connolly, Michael; Matsumoto, Edward Report Dec 1, 2020 4261
Defect closure after successful skin cancer surgery of the nose: a report of 52 cases. Goldman, Alberto; Wollina, Uwe Oct 1, 2020 3557
Role of Trapezius Turnover Flap in Complex Posterior Cervical Wounds. Can, Bilgen Oct 1, 2020 1930
Doctors remove tumor from infant's back suffering from Myelomeningocele. Sep 16, 2020 199
Endoscopic Endonasal Resection of Sinonasal and Nasopharyngeal Pleomorphic Adenomas: A Case Series. Karligkiotis, Apostolos; Bozkurt, Gulpembe; Pietrobon, Giacomo; Battaglia, Paolo; Turri-Zanoni, Mari Sep 1, 2020 4540
Our Experience with Supratracheal Partial Laryngectomy in Advanced Laryngeal Cancer: A Report of Five Cases. Basaran, Bora; Doruk, Can; Aydemir, Levent Sep 1, 2020 2398
Canadian Update on Surgical Procedures (CUSP) Urology Group consensus for intraoperative hemostasis during minimally invasive partial nephrectomy. Cheung, Douglas C.; Wallis, Christopher J.D.; Possee, Simon; Camilla, Tajzler; Anidjar, Maurice; Bar Sep 1, 2020 4511
Quality of Life in Patients with Acromegaly before and after Transsphenoidal Surgical Resection. Gu, Jing; Xiang, Shiyuan; He, Min; Wang, Meng; Gu, Yanfang; Li, Lingjuan; Yin, Zhiwen Aug 31, 2020 3999
Uncovering PD-L1 and [CD8.sup.+] TILS Expression and Clinical Implication in Cervical Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Chen, Jingjing; Gu, Ping; Wu, Haibo Report Aug 31, 2020 5522
QRCS surgeon performs unique tumour removal surgery in Gaza. Aug 25, 2020 498
Intravascular Leiomyomatosis as a Rare Cause of Nonthrombotic Pulmonary Embolism. Van Maercke, Julie; Van Rompuy, Anne-Sophie; Poppe, Willy; Verbelen, Tom; Delcroix, Marion; Belge, C Jul 31, 2020 1709
A Tumor-Like Lump in the Palm Caused by an Inconspicuous-for 75 Years-Bullet. Athanaselis, Efstratios D.; Fyllos, Apostolos; Stefanou, Nikolaos; Varitimidis, Socrates E.; Giannik Jul 31, 2020 1316
Awake Craniotomy in a Child: Assessment of Eligibility with a Simulated Theatre Experience. Labuschagne, Jason; Lee, Clover-Ann; Mutyaba, Denis; Mbanje, Tatenda; Sibanda, Cynthia Jul 31, 2020 3615
Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi conducts complex keyhole proximal gastrectomy to remove tumor. Reach by GN Jul 27, 2020 476
Removal of the Tumor Thrombus from the Right Atrium without Extracorporeal Circulation: Emphasis on the Displacement of the Tumor Apex. Shchukin, D.V.; Lesovoy, V.N.; Khareba, G.G.; Harahatyi, A.I.; Maltsev, A.V.; Polyakov, M.M.; Stetsy Jun 30, 2020 5781
Brave Ruby battling back after surgery; TEN-YEAR-OLD FIGHTING CANCER FOR FOURTH TIME. DAVE ROBSON @Daverobson_gaz Jun 19, 2020 526
Clinical and Biological Correlates of Preoperative Cognitive Functioning of Glioma and Meningioma Patients. Pranckeviciene, Aiste; Deltuva, Vytenis P.; Tamasauskas, Arimantas; Zegliene, Jurate; Bunevicius, Ad May 31, 2020 7233
Co-Diagnostics announces publication of Logix Smart COVID-19 Test Kit paper. May 26, 2020 221
Advance Physiotherapeutic Rehabilitation Approach for Hand Functions in a Giant Cell Tumour Patient--A Case Report on Palliative Physiotherapy. Shah, Pooja Ajay; Nemade, Sneha Vilas; Naqvi, Waqar M. May 25, 2020 2576
Anesthetic Management for Cesarean Delivery in a Patient with a Gigantic Intracranial Tumor. Santos, C. dos Santos e.; Mason, C.L.; Neill, J.S.; Grayson, B.E.; Calimaran, A.; Bacon, D.R. Apr 30, 2020 1692
Clinical Outcomes of Osteoarticular Extracorporeal Irradiated Autograft for Malignant Bone Tumor. Takenaka, Satoshi; Araki, Nobuhito; Ueda, Takafumi; Kakunaga, Shigeki; Imura, Yoshinori; Hamada, Ken Apr 30, 2020 5053
Ex-Liverpool star Dominic Matteo's life-saving treatment was 'like scene from Avengers'; The former Scotland international underwent surgery on a brain tumour last year and his wife, Jessica, has opened up about the "unreal" process of saving her husband's life. By, Freddie Keighley Apr 25, 2020 407
Nephron sparing surgery for renal tumors-comparison of off-clamp partial nephrectomy with hilar clamping. Imran Khan Jalbani, Syed Muhammad Nazim, Maria Ahmed and Farhat Abbas Apr 2, 2020 2217
Evaluation the Effect of Isogenically Prepared Platelet-Rich Plasma on the Viability of Composite Graft in the Rabbit Model (Experimental Study). Karahangil, Mehmet; Aksan, Tolga; Ozturk, Muhammed Besir; Mutlu, Ozay Ozkaya Report Apr 1, 2020 3610
Subcutaneous B Cell Lymphoma in a Dog from the West Indies. Cortina, Brittany; Guenthner, Emily; Sypniewski, Lara Mar 1, 2020 3114
Disseminated Endometriosis and Low-Grade Endometrioid Stromal Sarcoma in a Patient with a History of Uterine Morcellation for Adenomyosis. Stefanko, Daniel P.; Eskander, Ramez; Aisagbonhi, Omonigho Mar 1, 2020 2395
Is the Recurrence of Fibroma of the Tendon Sheath Underestimated? An Instructive Case Report and a Review of the Literature. Ludke, E.; Kohut, G.; Backer, H.C.; Maniglio, M. Mar 1, 2020 2491
Asystole during Suspension Laryngoscopy: Case Report, Literature Review, and Prophylactic Strategies. Cassettari, Arthur Justi; Campos e Santos, Erica Cristina; Semenzati, Graziela Oliveira; Crespo, Agr Mar 1, 2020 1903
Pulmonary Hyalinizing Granuloma Mimicking Primary Lung Cancer: An Unusual Case Involving a Pulmonary Tumor. Marushima, Hideki; Sakai, Hiroki; Yoneyama, Reimi; Kimura, Hiroyuki; Miyazawa, Tomoyuki; Chosokabe, Mar 1, 2020 1173
Voluminous Laryngeal Schwannoma Treated with Endoscopic Laser Approach. El Fakiri, Mohamed Mehdi; Rochdi, Youssef; Abdala, Fatima-Zahra; Nouri, Hassan; Raji, Abdelaziz Mar 1, 2020 1439
Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping in Colon Cancer Patients: Does Make A Sense?/Kolon Kanseri hastalarinda Sentinel lenf nodu haritalandirmasi: Bir anlami var mi? Gundogdu, Ramazan; Colak, Tahsin; Turkmenoglu, Ozgur; Sozutek, Alper; Serinsoz, Ebru Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 3621
LOOK: Musician plays violin during brain surgery while doctors remove tumor. Feb 20, 2020 442
Doctor who operated on baby Ainul in London to remove tumour visits her in Melaka. Feb 18, 2020 532
Utilization of awake craniotomy for supra-tentorial tumor resection during pregnancy: A technique useful for fetal-maternal wellbeing. Dileep Kumar, Sheema Siraj, Khalid Ahsan and Faraz Shafiq Feb 14, 2020 1249
NHS surgeon leaves mum in agony by 'removing tumour which wasn't cancerous'; Stacy Ruthven, from Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire, said Mohammed Asif carried out the invasive procedure at Golden Jubilee Hospital in nearby Clydebank but says it wasn't necessary. By, John Ferguson & Bradley Jolly Feb 2, 2020 693
Paras Hospitals, Gurugram performs complex 11cm tumour surgery on 45-year-old woman. ANI Jan 20, 2020 517
Familial Adenomatous Polyposis and Desmoid Tumor Treated with Multivisceral Transplantation and Kidney Autotransplantation: Case Report and Literature Review. Janousek, Libor; Novotny, Robert; Kudla, Michal; Oliverius, Martin; Wohl, Petr; Minguet, Joan; Marti Jan 1, 2020 2941
Thyroid-Like Low-Grade Nasopharyngeal Papillary Adenocarcinoma with Biphasic Histology. Dela Cruz, Rusella Mirza Nestor; Herrera, Guillermo A. Jan 1, 2020 1456
A Rare Case of Breast Implant-Associated Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. Larrimore, Christopher; Jaghab, Annmarie Dec 31, 2019 1998
Unique Case Report of a Meningeal Sarcoma Arising during Ongoing Treatment for Progressing Intraparenchymal Glioma. Petersons, Richard A.; Kashyap, Bhavani; Pawloski, Pamala A.; Forsberg, Anna C.; Hanson, Leah R. Dec 31, 2019 4408
Former Liverpool star Dominic Matteo shares first message since surgery on brain tumour; The 45-year-old underwent underwent a major operation to remove a brain tumour last month. James Findlater Dec 7, 2019 254
Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lower Lip; Is Prophylactic Neck Dissection Required and Evaluating Predictive Factors. Gulsen, Secaattin; Ulutas, Safet Dec 1, 2019 3513
Histologic Evaluation of Malignant Polyps and Low-Stage Colorectal Carcinoma. Hagen, Catherine E.; Farooq, Ayesha Dec 1, 2019 3393
Excision of Retrorectal Tumors: Comparing Outcome Regarding Surgical Approach/Retrorektal Tumorlerin Eksizyonu: Cerrahi Yaklasima Gore Sonuclarin Karsilastirilmasi. Hatipoglu, Engin Dec 1, 2019 3163
Vitiligo Associated with Melanoma in a Malagasy Woman. Ranaivo, I.M.; Sendrasoa, F.A.; Andrianarison, M.; Razakanaivo, M.; Ramarozatovo, L.S.; Rafaramino, Nov 30, 2019 1762
Serum Levels of Kisspeptin Are Elevated in Patients with Pancreatic Cancer. Loosen, Sven H.; Luedde, Mark; Lurje, Georg; Spehlmann, Martina; Paffenholz, Pia; Ulmer, Tom Florian Nov 30, 2019 4444
Brain op for ex Liverpool star Matteo; Mates and clubs rally after tumour surgery. PHIL CARDY Nov 17, 2019 179
Former Scotland defender Dominic Matteo treated in hospital after brain tumour surgery. Nov 16, 2019 210
Shocking and Devastating! Reem Ghazali Suffers a Cancerous Tumor.. This is the First Picture After Surgery. Nov 3, 2019 272
Regeneration of the Fibula with Unidirectional Porous Hydroxyapatite. Demiya, Koji; Kunisada, Toshiyuki; Nakata, Eiji; Hasei, Joe; Ozaki, Toshifumi Oct 31, 2019 2333
Portal Vein Embolization with PVA and Coils before Major Hepatectomy: Single-Center Retrospective Analysis in Sixty-Four Patients. Camelo, R.; Luz, J.H.; Gomes, F.V.; Coimbra, E.; Costa, N.V.; Bilhim, T. Oct 31, 2019 5809
Corrigendum to "Intraoperative Imaging Modalities and Compensation for Brain Shift in Tumor Resection Surgery". Bayer, Siming; Maier, Andreas; Ostermeier, Martin; Fahrig, Rebecca Correction notice Oct 31, 2019 308
Free Flap Transplantation on the repair of defects caused by oral and maxillofacial tumors resection. Xuemei Dai, Pengchong Li and Haiyan Xu Oct 31, 2019 2849
Which Surgical Method is Superior for the Treatment of Parotid Tumor? Is it Classical? Is it New? Mutlu, Vahit; Kaya, Zulkuf Oct 1, 2019 2843
Palliative resection of primary site in advanced gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors improves survivals. Salim, Derya Kivrak; Bayram, Selami; Gomceli, Ismail; Cekin, Ayhan Hilmi; Karaca, Mustafa; Koger, Mu Oct 1, 2019 4004
Palliative resection of primary site in advanced gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors improves survivals. Salim, Derya Kivrak; Bayram, Selami; Gomceli, Ismail; Cekin, Ayhan Hilmi; Karaca, Mustafa; Kocer, Mu Oct 1, 2019 3989
Tumor Embolization Market Became a Highly Profitable Industry: Growth Revenue Analysis and Industry. Sep 18, 2019 934
Gluteal teratoma: An atypical presentation in a 2-year-old girl. Delgado, A.L.; Mvuyisi, M.; Dhaffala, A. Sep 1, 2019 1123
Qatari woman declared cancer-free a year after HMC surgeons removed tumor from her brain. Aug 25, 2019 567
Giant Protruding Nodular Fasciitis of the Anterior Chest Wall Clinically Mimicking a Soft Tissue Sarcoma. Kinoshita, Hideyuki; Yonemoto, Tsukasa; Kamoda, Hiroto; Hagiwara, Yoko; Tsukanishi, Toshinori; Orita Jul 31, 2019 2095
Notch Signaling Activation as a Hallmark for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Subtype. Giuli, M.V.; Giuliani, E.; Screpanti, I.; Bellavia, D.; Checquolo, S. Jul 31, 2019 12602
Laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery - a prospective study of short-term outcomes of consecutive cases over 3 years. Patel, Nitin; Yagnik, Vipul D. Report Jul 1, 2019 3946
Girl discharged from hospital after removal of brain tumour. Jun 25, 2019 142
Minor girl's brain tumour removed successfully. Jun 23, 2019 177
After successful tumour removal, Ainul Mardhiah to undergo cleft palate surgery in London next. Jun 13, 2019 287
CHARACTERISTICS OF TREATMENT AND OUTCOME IN ELDERLY PATIENTS WITH BRAIN GLIOBLASTOMA: A RETROSPECTIVE ANALYSIS OF CASE SERIES. Dobran, Mauro; Nasi, Davide; Costanza, Martina Delia; Gladi, Maurizio; Iacoangeli, Maurizio; Rotim, Jun 1, 2019 4149
Transurethral Resection of the Bladder Tumor Success Rates of Surgeons and Possible Causes of Differences Between Locals and Refugees. Toksoz, Serdar Jun 1, 2019 2953
Tectonic Keratoplasty to Restore the Bulbar Wall after Block Excision of Benign and Malignant Intraocular Tumors. Balestrazzi, Emilio; Mosca, Luigi; Blasi, Maria Antonietta; Giannico, Maria Ilaria; Balestrazzi, Ang May 31, 2019 5660
Al-Shifa eye trust operating 1000 tumour surgeries per year. May 20, 2019 497
First ever successful awake brain tumor surgery performed. May 17, 2019 186
Why psychic surgery may not be a complete sham. May 7, 2019 927
Onkos Surgical & Promimic Partner on Surface Technology in Limb Salvage Surgery. May 1, 2019 370
Long-term Survival after resection for perihilar cholangiocarcinoma: Impact of UICC staging and surgical procedure. Juntermanns, Benjamin; Kaiser, Gernot Maximillian; Reis, Henning; Gries, Silvia; Kasper, Stefan; Pau May 1, 2019 3425
T1 Vertebra Pedicular Osteoid Osteoma: Minimally Invasive Surgical Resection Aided by New Integrated Navigation to 3D Imaging Device. Prod'homme, M.; Cavalie, G.; Kerschbaumer, G.; Valmary-Degano, S.; Boudissa, M.; Tonetti, J. Apr 30, 2019 2646
Most brain tumour surgeries in Qatar are successful, says HMC expert. Apr 21, 2019 525
Closure of Orocutaneous Fistula Using Submandibular Gland as a Pedicled Flap. Cansiz, Erol; Gozen, Emine Deniz; Yener, Murat Mar 31, 2019 1721
HMC performs surgery on stage 3 oral cancer patient. Mar 10, 2019 487
HMC team removes tumour from cancer patient's mouth. Mar 10, 2019 106
HMC doctors perform surgery on patient with advanced oral cancer. Mar 10, 2019 515
Preauricular Pilomatricoma Manifesting as an Aggressive Mass. Tang, Phing Phing; Kalimuthu, Santhi; Mokhtar, Sha'ariyah Mohd; Wahab, Shahawiah Abdul Case study Mar 1, 2019 1176
Long-term Survival after resection for perihilar cholangiocarcinoma: Impact of UICC staging and surgical procedure. Juntermanns, Benjamin; Kaiser, Gernot Maximillian; Reis, Henning; Gries, Silvia; Kasper, Stefan; Pau Mar 1, 2019 3381
Spray gel could reduce cancer spread after surgery. Feb 18, 2019 394
Adan Hospital conducts 12 laparoscopy ovary tumour removals. Feb 16, 2019 108
A Progressed Case of Stewart--Treves Syndrome in a Patient with Chronic Idiopathic Lymphedema in the Lower Extremity. Ozdemir, Mehmet; Sultany, Muhammed Sulaiman; Celikkaleli, Ercan; Ozalp, Burhan Clinical report Jan 1, 2019 1397
Recalcitrant Desmoid Tumor of the Abdominal Wall: A Reconstructive Dilemma. Kala, Prakash Chandra; Sahu, Ranjit Kumar; Choudhary, Ramkaran; Puranik, Ashok Clinical report Jan 1, 2019 1130
Spray gel could reduce cancer spread after surgery. Dec 16, 2018 649
S100 can be used as a tumor marker in canine mammary tumors. Lloren, Khristine Kaith S.; Vitor, Rodel Jonathan S., II Dec 15, 2018 5967
Breast cancer with intraabdominal metastases. Is surgery necessary? Panuta, Andrian; Radu, Iulian; Hutanu, Ionut; Musina, Ana-Maria; Buna-Arvinte, Mihaela; Gavrilescu, Report Dec 1, 2018 3076
A Rarely Seen Pathology "Intramedullary Spinal Metastasis"; Clinical Series of Five Patients in a Single Institution/Nadir Gorulen Bir Patoloji "Intrameduller Spinal Metastaz"; Tek Bir Saglik Merkezinde Bes Hastalik Klinik Bir Seri. Akyuva, Yener; Karadag, Nese; Onal, Cagatay Clinical report Dec 1, 2018 5317
First brain tumour surgery without anesthesia held. Nov 16, 2018 368
First brain tumour surgery without anesthesia held atLahore GeneralHospital. Nov 15, 2018 362
Fluorescence Can ID High-Grade Glioma During Sx for Brain Tumor; Visible fluorescence shows presence of high-grade glioma cells within tumor mass during surgery. Nov 6, 2018 226
Medical team at Damascus Hospital removes tumor for 47-year-old woman in delicate 9-hour surgery. Nov 4, 2018 216
CT Scan Can Eliminate Need for Kidney Tumor Surgery. Nov 1, 2018 167
Young doctors conduct seven brain tumour surgeries in a day. Sep 21, 2018 368
EAR, NOSE AND THROAT TUMOURS-A THREE-YEAR EXPERIENCE. Santosh, Batchu Krishna; Khan, Amjad; Priya, Pinnamaneni Madhava Sep 17, 2018 1938
Pancreatic extragastrointestinal stromal tumor invading the duodenum. Yol, Sinan; Polat, Erdal; Duman, Mustafa; Uzun, Orhan; Yasar, Necdet Fatih; Peker, Kivanc Derya; Aky Sep 1, 2018 2052
No difference in disease-free survival after oral cancer resection with close tumor margins in patients with and without postoperative radiotherapy. Welinder, Britta Kaltoft; Lawaetz, Mads; Dines, Laura M.; Homoe, Preben Report Sep 1, 2018 3862
Anesthesia's Role in Cancer Recurrence. Torres-Grajales, Manuel; Morales-Franqui, Myrna; Torres-Perez, Hector Sep 1, 2018 1381
Surgery for giant tumours of the breast: a 15 year review. Daya, M.; Balakrishnan, T. Sep 1, 2018 4494
Two cases of pediatric epithelioid sarcoma of the hand and coverage with Integra[R]. Nastasa, Mihaela; Casoli, Vincent Clinical report Sep 1, 2018 3319
Merkel cell carcinoma of the upper extremity. Spiridon, Iuliana Giorgiana; Cozma, Cristina; Raducu, Laura; Jecan, Cristian Radu Clinical report Sep 1, 2018 2701
Large intra-cardiac fibroma identified on cardiac MRI - a case report and review of literature. Jul 31, 2018 1543
Mandera baby leaves KNH after brain tumor surgery. Jul 24, 2018 224
Muhyiddin watches golf after op to remove tumour. Jul 15, 2018 239
Ketorolac may reduce breast cancer recurrence risk. Bowser, Andrew D. Jul 1, 2018 405
Basal cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma cutaneous collision tumor. Green, Reid; Woody, Meghan; Soldano, Anthony C.; Madden, Erin Clinical report Jul 1, 2018 859
Unusual Presentation of a Cutaneous Malignancy: Giant Merkel Cell Carcinoma with Intra-abdominal Metastasis. Calis, Mert; Ekin, Omer; Memis, Pelin; Guner, Gunes; Karakoc, Derya; Elcin, Gonca; Aksu, Ali Emre Case study Jul 1, 2018 1695
Growing teratoma syndrome in ovarian germ cell tumours - a diagnostic challenge, two case reports. Jun 30, 2018 1359
Optic nerve Schwannoma: Neurofibromatosus Type-1? A case report. Jun 30, 2018 1664
Sodium fluorescein guided resection of malignant glioma. Jun 30, 2018 1552
Enrique has surgery for brain tumour. Jun 25, 2018 354
Jose Enrique reveals secret cancer battle as former Liverpool defender shares post-brain tumour surgery picture from hospital bed; Enrique, who also played for Newcastle in the Premier League, confirmed he is now in recovery. Jun 23, 2018 243
Football world unites to support former Liverpool player Jose Enrique after brain tumour surgery; The former Liverpool man has been diagnosed with a chordoma, a rare type of tumor. Jun 23, 2018 227
'You'll Never Walk Alone' - Liverpool send heartwarming message to Jose Enrique after brain tumour surgery; Jose Enrique has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Jun 23, 2018 271
Saniona plans Phase 2a study for hypothalamic obesity treatment. Jun 11, 2018 164
Saniona plans Phase 2a study for hypothalamic obesity treatment. Jun 11, 2018 160
Brain Tumor removed after 14 hours' long operation. Jun 4, 2018 288
MANAGEMENT OF BASAL CELL CARCINOMA OF FACE. Sharma, Ratnakar; Sharma, Sanjay; Sharma, Rishabh; Hussan, Raheel Report Jun 4, 2018 2455
Left-Sided Colonic Obstruction Due to Brid Ileus and Coexisting Right Colon Cancer without Palpable Mass/Sol Kolon Kaynakli Brid Ileus ile Seyreden Ele Gelmeyen Sag Kolon Kanseri. Beksac, Kemal; Ustuner, Mehmet Akif; Cetin, Bahadir Case study Jun 1, 2018 1509
Infant with an unusual pharyngeal mass. Shields, Benjamin B.; Lampson, Erin E.; Sengupta, Anita L.; Watt, Tanya C.; Mitchell, Ron B. Case study Jun 1, 2018 934
Neurosurgeon Dr. Charles L. Rosen Launches Website. May 30, 2018 281
Combined Surgical Oncology and Neurosurgery Approach for Resection of Sacral Chordoma. Wolfson, Racheal; Menger, Richard; Chu, Quyen Dinh; Sin, Anthony Clinical report May 1, 2018 1565
Gateway-funded Phase I Clinical Trial of "Tumor Paint" in Pediatric Brain Cancer Surgery Completed. Apr 26, 2018 301
Mum whose 'stress headaches' turned out to be brain tumour rejects more surgery so she can see children grow up; Kim Garforth had surgery to remove some of the tumour - but has turned down a further operation to remove the rest because it would leave her blind. Apr 21, 2018 567
Cynthia Bailey Reveals She Had Surgery For Tumor. Apr 5, 2018 423
Brian tumor removal sans anesthesia an achievement: CM. Mar 31, 2018 166
Korean Air 'nut rage' victim has tumor surgery. Mar 30, 2018 340
Additional therapy after rare tumour surgery may not increase survival. Mar 25, 2018 546
Nizwa Hospital conducts risky tumour surgery. Mar 18, 2018 101
Central Acinic Cell Carcinoma of the Mandible Simulating as Benign Odontogenic Lesion: A Case Report. Bajpai, Manas; Pardhe, Nilesh; Chandolia, Betina; Arora, Manika Case study Mar 1, 2018 1797
Mullerian Cyst in Posterior Mediastinum in a Young Woman. Lee, Jung Eun; Cha, Yoon Ki; Kim, Jeung Sook; Choi, Jin-ho; Han, Kang Min Case study Mar 1, 2018 865
Recurrent neck mass after carotid body tumour excision: a case report and review of the literature. Dube, B.; Naidoo, N.G. Mar 1, 2018 1216
Short term outcomes following surgery in brain tumours sans neuronavigation. Feb 28, 2018 2969
3D printer creates new breastbone for op man. Feb 19, 2018 183
Emirati woman gives birth after rare tumour surgery. Feb 18, 2018 463
Grandad first to have 3D-printed chest wall rebuild. Feb 17, 2018 485
Dubai Hospital completes 400 major surgeries in 2017. Feb 7, 2018 442
400 complicated heart surgeries conducted by Dubai Hospital in 2017. Feb 6, 2018 292
Study to Develop Blood Biomarkers of Feline Cancer: Cornell Veterinary School researchers look for less invasive method of identifying cancer spread. Feb 1, 2018 265
Amniotic Membrane Transplantation in Surgical Treatment of Conjunctival Melanoma: Long-term Results. Palamar, Melis; Yaman, Banu; Akalin, Taner; Yagci, Ayse Report Jan 1, 2018 2706
Oncoplastic Breast Conserving Surgery: Aesthetic Satisfaction and Oncological Outcomes. Yazar, Sevgi Kurt; Altinel, Dincer; Serin, Merdan; Aksoy, Sefika; Yazar, Memet Report Jan 1, 2018 2070
Combined Surgical Oncology and Neurosurgery Approach for Resection of Sacral Chordoma. Wolfson, Racheal; Menger, Richard; Chu, Ouyen Dinh; Sin, Anthony Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 1587
Aerosol Gemcitabine after Amputation Inhibits Osteosarcoma Lung Metastases but Not Wound Healing. Kleinerman, Eugenie S.; Yu, Ling; Dao, Jasmine; Hayes-Jordan, Andrea A.; Lindsey, Brock; Kawedia, Ji Report Jan 1, 2018 6043
A Cadaveric Comparative Study on the Surgical Accuracy of Freehand, Computer Navigation, and Patient-Specific Instruments in Joint-Preserving Bone Tumor Resections. Bosma, Sarah E.; Wong, Kwok Chuen; Paul, Laurent; Gerbers, Jasper G.; Jutte, Paul C. Report Jan 1, 2018 5857
Variations of Gastrocolic Trunk of Henle and Its Significance in Gastrocolic Surgery. Gao, Yuan; Lu, Yun Jan 1, 2018 4326
The Impact of Locoregional Therapy in Nonmetastatic Inflammatory Breast Cancer: A Population-Based Study. Muzaffar, Mahvish; Johnson, Helen M.; Vohra, Nasreen A.; Liles, Darla; Wong, Jan H. Report Jan 1, 2018 3196
Adrenal Hemangioma: A Case of Retroperitoneal Tumor. Iwamoto, Genta; Shimokihara, Kota; Kawahara, Takashi; Takamoto, Daiji; Yao, Masahiro; Teranishi, Jun Jan 1, 2018 1589
Acute Pericarditis Occurring Three Days after Intravesical Instillation of Mitomycin C after Transurethral Bladder Tumor Resection in a 64-Year-Old Woman. Meghrajani, Vineet; Hashmi, Arsalan; Lin, Shuo Cheng; Plawes, Zvi; Brejt, Shelly Jan 1, 2018 2747
Mandibular Osteitis Fibrosa Cystica as First Sign of Vitamin D Deficiency. Mellouli, Nour; Chebil, Raouaa Belkacem; Darej, Marwa; Hasni, Yosra; Oualha, Lamia; Douki, Nabiha Jan 1, 2018 2686
Significance of Glioma Stem-Like Cells in the Tumor Periphery That Express High Levels of CD44 in Tumor Invasion, Early Progression, and Poor Prognosis in Glioblastoma. Nishikawa, Masahiro; Inoue, Akihiro; Ohnishi, Takanori; Kohno, Shohei; Ohue, Shiro; Matsumoto, Shira Jan 1, 2018 9491
Structural Failure of a Modern Knee Tumor Megaendoprosthesis. Koch, Katrin; Kohn, Dieter; Anagnostakos, Konstantinos Jan 1, 2018 2297
Schwannoma of the Posterior Tibial Nerve Presenting as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: A Case Report with Emphasis on the Role of Microscope during Surgery. Rajasekaran, Raja Bhaskara; Shanmuganathan, Rajasekaran Jan 1, 2018 1783
Head and Neck Schwannomas: A Surgical Challenge--A Series of 5 Cases. Ansari, Ishtyaque; Ansari, Ashfaque; Graison, Arjun Antony; Patil, Anuradha J.; Joshi, Hitendra Jan 1, 2018 3557
A Thymic Hyperplasia Case without Suppressing on Chemical Shift Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Phung, Tuan; Nguyen, Thach; Tran, Dung; Phan, Nga; Nguyen, Hung Jan 1, 2018 2326
Recurrent Cardiac Myxoma Treated by Orthotopic Heart Transplantation: A Case Report and Literature Review of Heart Transplantation for Primary Cardiac Tumor. Kewcharoen, Jakrin; Prasongdee, Klaorat; Sinphurmsukskul, Supanee; Siwamogsatham, Sarawut; Puwanan, Jan 1, 2018 3986
Urachal Carcinoma with Peritoneal Dissemination Treated with Chemotherapy and Surgical Resection Leading to Prolonged Survival with No Recurrence. Yasui, Masato; Jikuya, Ryosuke; Tatenuma, Tomoyuki; Muraoka, Kentaro; Umemoto, Susumu; Kawai, Masaki Jan 1, 2018 2431
Sextuple Tumors in Head and Neck Area: Evidence of Field Cancerization. Nelem-Colturato, Carla Bento; Cury, Patricia Maluf; Pereira, Thiago Machado; Cosso, Isabelle Silva; Jan 1, 2018 2114
Glioblastoma with Both Oligodendroglioma and Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor-Like Components in a Case with 9-Year Survival. Chen, Ying-Tso; Hsu, Shu-Shong; Yip, Chi-Man; Lai, Ping-Hong; Lee, Huai-Pao Jan 1, 2018 2063
Virtual Surgical Planning and Piezoelectric Surgery in Tumor Extirpative Surgery Aimed at Inferior Alveolar Nerve Preservation. Chung, Eric L.; Alawi, Faizan; Le, Anh D.; Shanti, Rabie M. Jan 1, 2018 3441
Ozone Therapy as Adjuvant for Cancer Treatment: Is Further Research Warranted? Clavo, Bernardino; Santana-Rodriguez, Norberto; Llontop, Pedro; Gutierrez, Dominga; Suarez, Gerardo; Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 9345
Comparison of the Outcomes of Three Different Nutritional Supports in Patients with Oral and Maxillofacial Malignant Tumors following Surgery. Zou, Chen; Zhou, Xuan; Zhuang, Shuhan; Huang, Guowei; Wang, Hongwu Jan 1, 2018 6977
Bristol-Myers says FDA approves Opdivo. Dec 20, 2017 214
Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate-Receptor Encephalitis in Young Females/Genc Kadinlarda Anti N-Metil-D-Aspartat-Reseptor Ensefalit. Kumari, Kamlesh; Sahni, Neeru; Kumari, Vimla; Saini, Vikas Dec 1, 2017 1824
Comparison between endoscopic and microscopic approaches for surgery of pituitary tumours. Nov 30, 2017 1337
Medcare launches tech-driven treatment for enhanced cancer detection. Nov 22, 2017 394
The use of tubular subdermal and axial flaps in the correction of four cases of extensive lesions/Retalhos tubulares subdermicos e axiais utilizados em quatro casos de correcao de lesoes extensa. Huppes, Rafael Ricardo; Pazzini, Josiane Morais; De Nardi, Andrigo Barboza; Castro, Jorge Luiz Costa Nov 1, 2017 3121
Role of 5-ALA in improving extent of tumour resection in patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme. Report Oct 31, 2017 1397
Breast cancer patients must opt for reconstructive surgery. Oct 13, 2017 439
UAE doctor says breast cancer need not disfigure survivors. Oct 13, 2017 1607
Gaza Boy Walks After Jerusalem Doctors Remove Tumor. Aug 15, 2017 450
WWE's Matt Cappotelli Undergoes Second Brain Tumor Surgery. Jun 29, 2017 506
Are renal tumour scoring systems better than clinical judgement at predicting partial nephrectomy complexity? Kumar, Ravi M.; Lavallee, Luke T.; Desantis, Darren; Cnossen, Sonya; Mallick, Ranjeeta; Cagiannos, I Report Jun 1, 2017 3216
Muscat Royal Hospital makes history with thyroid tumour removal through mouth. May 31, 2017 234
Airway Management of Patients Undergoing Oral Cancer Surgery: A Retrospective Analysis of 156 Patients/Agiz Kanseri Ameliyati Olan Hastalarda Havayolu Yonetimi: 156 Hastanin Retrospektif Bir Analizi. Nikhar, Sapna Annaji; Sharma, Ashima; Ramdaspally, Mahesh; Gopinath, Ramachandran Report Apr 1, 2017 2896
Abdominal ultrasound--the leading method in duodenal gist diagnostics. Bohnec, Sven; Budimir, Ivan; Hrabar, Davor; Babic, Nenad; Budimir, Ivan, Jr.; Nikolic, Marko; Pavic, Report Mar 1, 2017 2008
Advances in Immunotherapy for Glioblastoma Multiforme. Huang, Boyuan; Zhang, Hongbo; Gu, Lijuan; Ye, Bainxin; Jian, Zhihong; Stary, Creed; Xiong, Xiaoxing Report Jan 1, 2017 7998
Intraoperative Imaging Modalities and Compensation for Brain Shift in Tumor Resection Surgery. Bayer, Siming; Maier, Andreas; Ostermeier, Martin; Fahrig, Rebecca Report Jan 1, 2017 16320
Dermal Substitutes Use in Reconstructive Surgery for Skin Tumors: A Single-Center Experience. Campagnari, Mariane; Jafelicci, Andrea S.; Carneiro, Helio A.; Brechtbuhl, Eduard R.; Bertolli, Edua Jan 1, 2017 4009
Spinal Nerves Schwannomas: Experience on 367 Cases--Historic Overview on How Clinical, Radiological, and Surgical Practices Have Changed over a Course of 60 Years. Lenzi, Jacopo; Anichini, Giulio; Landi, Alessandro; Piciocchi, Alfonso; Passacantilli, Emiliano; Ped Jan 1, 2017 7235
Huge Lymphangioma of the Esophagus Resected by Endoscopic Piecemeal Mucosal Resection. Luo, Dinghai; Ye, Liping; Wu, Weidan; Zheng, Haihong; Mao, Xinli Case study Jan 1, 2017 1371
Multiport Combined Endoscopic Approach to Nonembolized Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma with Parapharyngeal Extension: An Emerging Concept. Janakiram, Tiruchy Narayanan; Sharma, Shilpee Bhatia; Gattani, Vijayshree Nahata Jan 1, 2017 3915
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Wound Healing in Dogs. Rafee, Malik Abu; Amarpal; Chandra, Vikash; Sharma, G. Taru; Kinjavdekar, P. Report Jan 1, 2017 2148
The Application of Internal Suspension Technique in Retroperitoneal Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy for Renal Ventral Tumors. Zhong, Wenlong; Du, Yicong; Zhang, Lei; Li, Xuesong; Zhang, Cuijian; Fang, Dong; Xiong, Gengyan; He, Report Jan 1, 2017 4138
Characteristics of Hemorrhagic Stroke following Spine and Joint Surgeries. Yang, Fei; Zhao, Jianning; Xu, Haidong Report Jan 1, 2017 3173
New Directions in 3D Medical Modeling: 3D-Printing Anatomy and Functions in Neurosurgical Planning. Gargiulo, Paolo; Arnadottir, Iris; Gislason, Magnus; Edmunds, Kyle; Olafsson, Ingvar Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 4212
Postoperative Airway Obstruction by a Bone Fragment. Schober, Patrick; Karagozoglu, K. Hakki; Loer, Stephan A.; Schwarte, Lothar A. Case study Jan 1, 2017 1608
An Undiagnosed Paraganglioma in a 58-Year-Old Female Who Underwent Tumor Resection. Fox, William C.; Read, Matthew; Moon, Richard E.; Moretti, Eugene W.; Colin, Brian J. Case study Jan 1, 2017 2211
A Large Left Ventricle Myxoma: Presenting with Epigastric Pain and Weight Loss. Fakhari, Solmaz; Bilehjani, Eissa Case study Jan 1, 2017 2287
Pneumocephalus after the Treatment of an Inoperable Superior Sulcus Tumor with Chemoradiation. Albert, Ashley; Allbright, Robert; Nichols, Todd; Farley, Edward; Vijayakumar, Srinivasan Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1697
Angiofibroma Localized in the Sphenoid Sinus. Yenigun, Alper; Aksoy, Fadlullah; Vural, Omer; Ozturan, Orhan Case study Jan 1, 2017 1177
Synovial Sarcoma of the Larynx: Report of a Case and Review of Literature. Narayanan, Geetha; Baby, Anto; Somanathan, Thara; Konoth, Sreedevi Case study Jan 1, 2017 2564
Myoepithelioma of the Nasal Septum: A Rare Case of Extrasalivary Gland Involvement. da Cunha, Gustavo Barreto; Camurugy, Tatiane Costa; Ribeiro, Thiago Cavalcante; Costa, Nara Nunes Ba Case study Jan 1, 2017 1579
Intranodal Palisaded Myofibroblastoma in a Submandibular Lymph Node. Bouhajja, Leila; Jouini, Raja; Khayat, Olfa; Koubaa, Wafa; Mbarek, Chiraz; Brahim, Ehsen Ben; Chedly Case study Jan 1, 2017 1416
A Case of Primary Combined Squamous Cell Carcinoma with Neuroendocrine (Atypical Carcinoid) Tumor in the Floor of the Mouth. Yamagata, Kenji; Terada, Kazuhiro; Uchida, Fumihiko; Kanno, Naomi; Hasegawa, Shogo; Yanagawa, Toru; Jan 1, 2017 2456
Anterior Impingement Syndrome of the Ankle Caused by Osteoid Osteoma in the Talar Neck Treated with Arthroscopy and 3D C-Arm-Based Imaging. Ikegami, Masachika; Matsumoto, Takumi; Chang, Song Ho; Kobayashi, Hiroshi; Shinoda, Yusuke; Tanaka, Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 3512
Open and Arthroscopic with Mini-Open Surgical Hip Approaches for Treatment of Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis and Concomitant Hip Pathology. Ellsworth, Bridget; Kamath, Atul F. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2795
A Simple Bone Cyst in Cervical Vertebrae of an Adolescent Patient. Boude, Adriana Bruges; Vasquez, Lina Gonzalez; Alvarado-Gomez, Fernando; Bedoya, Maria Constanza; Ro Case study Jan 1, 2017 1908
Primary Villoglandular Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of the Vulva. Matsuzaki, Akiko; Saio, Masanao; Kosuge, Noritake; Aoyama, Hajime; Tamaki, Tomoko; Matsumoto, Hirofu Case study Jan 1, 2017 2718
An Unusual Clinical Presentation of Solitary Fibrous Tumor in the Oral Cavity. de Morais, Everton Freitas; Moreira, Deborah Gondim Lambert; De Oliveira, Viviane Alves; Rodrigues, Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2239
Immune Thrombocytopenia in a Child with Neuroblastoma. Ikizoglu, Hasan Tarkan; Ayan, Inci; Tokat, Fatma; Tecimer, Tulay; Tekant, Gonca Topuzlu Case study Jan 1, 2017 2115
Thoracoscopic Surgery for Glomus Tumor: An Uncommon Mediastinal Neoplasm and Iatrogenic Tracheal Rupture. Fang, Zhongjie; Ma, Dehua; Chen, Baofu; Luo, Huarong Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1719
Mesenchymal Hamartoma of the Liver: Complete Excision Always Necessary. Koganti, Suman B.; Thumma, Venu Madhav; Nagari, Bheerappa Case study Jan 1, 2017 1664
Pleomorphic adenoma of the breast. Radu, Iulian; Petcu, Ioana; Panuta, Andrian; Scripcariu, Dragos; Buna-Arvinte, Mihaela; Bilavschi, K Dec 1, 2016 1334
Three-dimensional Fluoroscopy-based Navigation for the Pedicle Screw Placement in Patients with Primary Invasive Spinal Tumors. Jin, Bo; Su, Yi-Bing; Zhao, Ji-Zong Report Nov 5, 2016 4089
Over-the-scope Clip System for Wound Closure after Endoscopic Resection of an Esophageal Submucosal Tumor: A Case Report. Zhao, Xiao-Jun; Wang, Xin; Li, Ai-Qin; Sheng, Jian-Qiu Report Oct 5, 2016 701
Op success for cancer battler; 'FANTASTIC' NEWS FOR CAMPAIGNING IRFON. Oct 1, 2016 389
Cervical metastasis in squamous cell carcinoma of the hard palate and maxillary alveolus. Koshkareva, Yekaterina; Liu, Jeffrey C.; Lango, Miriam; Galloway, Thomas; Gaughan, John P.; Ridge, J Report Oct 1, 2016 152
Anaesthesia for awake brain tumour surgery: case report/Anestezija za operacije tumora na mozgu u budnom stanju: prikaz slucaja. Vickovic, Sanja; Ikonic, Nada; Karan, Vedrana; Karan, Mladen; Vulekovic, Petar Report Sep 1, 2016 1884
Comparison of tumor curettage and resection for treatment of giant cell tumor of the bone around the knee joint. Jun 30, 2016 2987
Anaesthesia for tracheal tumour resection: a case report. Usha, Kumary R.; Sukanya, Prince Mary A.J.; Padmanabhan, Sharath; Micka, Lakshmi Clinical report May 23, 2016 1309
Histological and immunohistochemical evaluation of sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer at a tertiary hospital in the Western Cape, South Africa. van Zyl, A.; Schneider, J.W. Report May 1, 2016 2614
Sympathetic hearing loss: a review of current understanding and report of 2 cases. Morgan, Patrick F.; Volsky, Peter G.; Strasnick, Barry Report Apr 1, 2016 2532
Ossifying Fibromyxoid Tumor: An Update. Bakiratharajan, David; Rekhi, Bharat Apr 1, 2016 3079
Computer Navigation-aided Resection of Sacral Chordomas. Yang, Yong-Kun; Chan, Chung-Ming; Zhang, Qing; Xu, Hai-Rong; Niu, Xiao-Hui Report Feb 1, 2016 4625
A Case-Control Study of Involvement of Oxidative DNA Damage and Alteration of Antioxidant Defense System in Patients with Basal Cell Carcinoma: Modulation by Tumor Removal. Chaisiriwong, Lapatsanant; Wanitphakdeedecha, Rungsima; Sitthinamsuwan, Panitta; Sampattavanich, Som Report Jan 1, 2016 8369
Mediastinal Mature Teratoma Revealed by Empyema. Raoufi, Mohammed; Herrak, Laila; Benali, Anas; Achaachi, Leila; Ftouh, Mustapha El; Bellarbi, Salma; Jan 1, 2016 1789
Endoscopic endonasal trans-sphenoidal surgery: our experience of 40 pituitary adenomas treated at a tertiary centre. Gupta, Pankaj; Singh, Jitendra; ArvindSharma; Deen, Shameer; Tyagi, Surbhi; Tanwar, Akansha Dec 31, 2015 2388
An unusual tongue base mass in an infant: tongue base sialolipoma. Teo, Dawn T.W.; Johnson, Romaine F.; McClay, John E. Report Dec 1, 2015 153
Bilateral V-Y advancement gluteal fold flaps following vulvo-vaginal melanoma resection. Pieptu, Vlad; Mihai, Alexandru; Ghetu, Nicolae; Ioanid, Nicolae; Ferariu, Dan; Miron, Lucian; Poroch Case study Sep 1, 2015 2168
Adrenocortical tumors in children. Srinivas, Kannepalli Clinical report Aug 31, 2015 1057
Whitley Bay pupil Jenny Parvin celebrates GCSE success after brain tumour surgery; Star student Jenny Parvin gets all A*s and As in her results despite having to undergo surgery and radiotherapy to tackle a brain tumour. Aug 20, 2015 555
Doctor removes tumor weighing 10kg from patient's abdomen. Aug 17, 2015 301
Ladies keeper Gibbons has surgery to remove tumour. Jul 9, 2015 115
Anaesthetic management of adrenocortical tumor excision in a patient of Cushing's syndrome. R., Ravi; M., Shilpashri A.; R., Uma B.; M., Harsha B. Jul 9, 2015 1511
Awake craniotomy using dexmedetomidine infusion and scalp block: our experience in series of cases. Sarma, B. Annapurna; Kumar, P. Sateesh; Muralikrishna, B. Jun 25, 2015 1904
Family's payout after botched surgery death. Jun 17, 2015 578
A rare case of dedifferentiated liposarcoma with chondrosarcomatous dedifferentiation. Agrawal, Tanu; Garg, Kanchan; Kaur, Dupinder; Sagar, S.K. Jun 15, 2015 1050
Metaplastic Carcinoma of the Breast. McKinnon, Elizabeth; Xiao, Philip Jun 1, 2015 2902
Non-invasive procedure removes tumours in children. Jun 1, 2015 479
Vaginal leiomyoma: a case report. Pinjala, Shailaja; Tatavarthi, Padmavathi; Jaya, Laxmi S. May 11, 2015 1208
Open adrenalectomy for medium sized adrenocortical tumour: how I do it? Sameh, Wael M.; Kotb, Ahmed Fouad Report May 1, 2015 1616
Stylist to the stars has six hours of surgery for brain tumour; Herbert expected to spend 48 hours in intensive care. Apr 22, 2015 240
Clinical profile and surgical outcome of vestibular schwannomas: an institutional experience. Nayak, Madhukar T.; Kumar, Purohit Aniruddh; Prasad, Sahu Barada; Vijayasaradhi, Mudumba Mar 26, 2015 2417
Aggressive angiomyxoma: a rare soft tissue tumor. Sharma, Ritu; Goyal, Sunny; Sarawat, Apoorva; Saxena, H.B.; Bansal, Nikhil Jan 5, 2015 959
Delayed segmental implant-supported over denture for a patient with partially resected mandible due to ameloblastoma. Kar, Sushil Kumar; Tripathi, Arvind; Bedi, Ravinder Singh Report Jan 1, 2015 1890
Role of intraoperative ultrasound in achieving complete resection of intra-axial solid brain tumours. Report Dec 31, 2014 2982
Nasal mass: an enigma. Somu, L.; Prasanna, Kumar S.; Ravikumar, A.; Shree, Raadhika Dec 11, 2014 1805
Temporal bone chondrosarcoma: presentation of 4 cases and review of the literature. Tao, Duoduo; Hoffman, Matthew R.; Chen, Bing Clinical report Dec 1, 2014 2492
Proteome Sciences unveils new biomarkers predicting likelihood, timescale of post-surgery tumour recurrence in pancreatic cancer patients. Nov 28, 2014 320
Role of anaesthesiologist in ultrasound guided removal of vascular tumor in the forearm. Singh, Gajendra; Patil, Pratima B. Nov 27, 2014 1559
There's no party like a cancer party! Ahmed Helmy celebrates tumor removal. Nov 19, 2014 171
Carotid body tumor: a case report and literature review. Padhy, Rajesh Ku.; Dash, Bijoy Kumar; Maheshwari, Abhishek; Golder, Samir; Anand, Amrit Nov 17, 2014 1682
Woman desperate for help to remove tumour. Nov 6, 2014 358
The impact of method of distal ureter management during radical nephroureterectomy on tumour recurrence. Kapoor, Anil; Dason, Shawn; Allard, Christopher B.; Shayegan, Bobby; Lacombe, Louis; Rendon, Ricardo Report Nov 1, 2014 5138
I'LL BE BACK; Paralympics gold medal hero David is ready for gruellingbattle to make 2016 Games after spine tumour surgery. Oct 16, 2014 341
Fish 'George' recuperates after high risk tumour surgery. Sep 16, 2014 268
Iranian Scientists Discover Nanotechnology Method to Remove Limitations in Tumor Surgery. Sep 11, 2014 302
GOLD MEDAL HERO FACES PARALYSIS NIGHTMARE; Paralympian has surgery to remove tumour wrapped around spine HERO'S FEAR PARALYMPIAN NEEDS RISKY OP Scots rower turned cyclist faces new ordeal as dangerous tumour returns. Aug 11, 2014 791
Perforating pilomatricoma mimicking breast carcinoma in an adult male. Prasanna, Mark Ruth; Calton, Nalini Jul 7, 2014 1264
Anaesthesia for evaluation and excision of tracheal tumour at carina extending into right main bronchus: case report. Deepraj, Singh B.; Raghuram, C.G.; Geetha, C.; Amisha, K. Report Apr 21, 2014 1973
Pre- and post-operative values of serum CRP in patients undergoing surgery for brain tumour. Mar 31, 2014 2990
World Cancer Day meeting at CPSP Lahore. Brief article Mar 15, 2014 168
Endoscopic modified Lothrop approach for the excision of bilateral frontal sinus tumors. Thong, Jiun Fong; Chatterjee, Deyali; Hwang, Siew Yoong Case study Mar 1, 2014 2166
'WWE' Star Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Undergoing Surgery to Remove Tumor After Diagnosed with Cancer. Feb 25, 2014 354
High risk of recurrence despite removal. Feb 1, 2014 301
World's Tallest Woman Undergoes Surgery at AIIMS to Remove Tumour that Triggered Excessive Growth. Jan 28, 2014 467
Doctors Remove Tumour, Emraan Hashmi's Son Ayaan Recovering Well. Jan 16, 2014 264
Testis-sparing surgery in testicular mass: Testicular epidermoid cysts. Mahdavi-Zafarghandi, Reza; Shakiba, Behnam; Ameli, Mojtaba Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 1586
Coordination of bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2) and aberrant canonical Wnt/[beta]-catenin signaling for heterotopic bone formation in adrenal myelolipoma: A case report. Mitsui, Yozo; Yasumoto, Hiroaki; Hiraki, Miho; Arichi, Naoko; Ishikawa, Noriyoshi; Harada, Yuji; Mar Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 1661
Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma arising from the kidney. Niwa, Naoya; Tanaka, Nobuyuki; Horinaga, Minoru; Hongo, Hiroshi; Ito, Yujiro; Watanabe, Takuro; Masu Author abstract Jan 1, 2014 1538
Oncological outcomes of partial nephrectomy for tumours larger than 4 cm: A systematic review. El-Ghazaly, Tarek H.; Mason, Ross J.; Rendon, Ricardo A. Report Jan 1, 2014 4431
Feasibility of endoscopy-assisted laparoscopic full-thickness resection for superficial duodenal neoplasms. Ohata, Ken; Murakami, Masahiko; Yamazaki, Kimiyasu; Nonaka, Kouichi; Misumi, Nobutsugu; Tashima, Tom Report Jan 1, 2014 3453
The efficacy of endoscopic submucosal dissection of type I gastric carcinoid tumors compared with conventional endoscopic mucosal resection. Kim, Hyung Hun; Kim, Gwang Ha; Kim, Ji Hyun; Choi, Myung-Gyu; Song, Geun Am; Kim, Sung Eun Report Jan 1, 2014 3609
Characteristics of metachronous gastric tumors after endoscopic submucosal dissection for gastric intraepithelial neoplasms. Boda, Tomoyuki; Ito, Masanori; Oka, Shiro; Kitamura, Yoko; Numata, Norifumi; Sanomura, Yoji; Matsuo, Report Jan 1, 2014 4390
MRI-based assessment of safe margins in tumor surgery. Bellanova, Laura; Schubert, Thomas; Cartiaux, Olivier; Lecouvet, Frederic; Galant, Christine; Banse, Report Jan 1, 2014 2618
Management of the large upper eyelid defects with cutler-beard flap. Rahmi, Duman; Mehmet, Balci; Ceyda, Balkan; Sibel, Ozdogan Report Jan 1, 2014 2027
Surgeons successfully remove tumor from brain through hole smaller than a dime. Nov 10, 2013 231
Metastasis to ileostomy of mucinous adenocarcinoma of rectum. Oct 31, 2013 1427
Device tells brain and tumor apart: new technique might improve accuracy of cancer surgery. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Oct 5, 2013 271
Aggressive desmoid fibromatosis: first case in a Rwandan child. Kanyamuhunga, A.; McCall, N.; Tuyisenge, L.; Mumena, C.; Stefan, D.C. Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 1002
Karate kick saves life of tumour lad; SURGERY. Aug 19, 2013 166
Tumor not found during surgery; BSO performed. Aug 1, 2013 187
Dog walks after medulla surgery. Jun 4, 2013 172
A case of schwannoma arising from brachial plexus in an operated patient with the diagnosis of cubital tunnel syndrome/Kubital tunel sendromu tanisi ile opere edilen brakial pleksus kaynakli schwannoma olgusu. Haghari, Sema; Imerci, Ahmet; Kocak, Muge; Surer, Levent; Gunay, Erkan Clinical report Jun 1, 2013 815
Managing the patient with transsphenoidal pituitary tumor resection. Yuan, Wen Clinical report Apr 1, 2013 4253
Singer SINGER throat MEIC'S THROAT CANCER BATTLE; Surgery on tumour would have ended long career. Mar 11, 2013 448
SINGER MEIC'S THROAT CANCER BATTLE; Surgery on tumour would have ended long career. Mar 11, 2013 449
Post-surgical complications after perianal and perivulvar squamous cells carcinoma resection in mare/Complicoes pos-cirurgicas apos a excisao de carcinoma de celulas escamosas na regiao perianal em femea equina/Las complicaciones postquirurgicas despues de reseccion de carcinoma de celulas escamosas perianal y perivulvar en mar. Rabelo, Rogerio Elias; Vulcani, Valcinir Aloisio Scalla; de Sant'Ana, Fabiano Jose Ferreira; Vicenti Mar 1, 2013 1279
Surgery for tumour boy in legal row; Judge rules against mum's wishes. Dec 19, 2012 332
It's brilliant to have him back to normal; MUM'S RELIEF AT TOT'S CANCER ALL CLEAR Surgery on tumour size of orange proves successful. Nov 27, 2012 343
Hekmati's father undergoes surgery for brain tumor. Sep 28, 2012 346
New surgery helps rebuild face and jaw after rare tumour removal. Sep 8, 2012 480
Management of head and neck paragangliomas: a series of 9 cases and review of the literature. Destito, Domenico; Bucolo, Sebastiano; Florio, Alessandra; Quattrocchi, Carmelo Case study Aug 1, 2012 4123
Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy: The McMaster University experience. Touma, Naji J.; Matsumoto, Edward D.; Kapoor, Anil Report Aug 1, 2012 3452

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