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Mathematical Modelling of the Inhibitory Role of Regulatory T Cells in Tumor Immune Response. Yang, Zhongtao; Yang, Cuihong; Dong, Yueping; Takeuchi, Yasuhiro Aug 31, 2020 11877
Gritstone Oncology reports Q2 EPS (69c), consensus (73c). Financial report Aug 5, 2020 211
Recurrent Neoantigens in Colorectal Cancer as Potential Immunotherapy Targets. Chen, Chao; Liu, Songming; Qu, Ruokai; Li, Bo Jul 31, 2020 4524
Genocea to present preliminary data on GEN-009 with checkpoint inhibitors. Jul 30, 2020 217
Avalon GloboCare expects to begin first-in-human trial with AVA-011 in 1Q21. Jul 13, 2020 239
INeo-Epp: A Novel T-Cell HLA Class-I Immunogenicity or Neoantigenic Epitope Prediction Method Based on Sequence-Related Amino Acid Features. Wang, Guangzhi; Wan, Huihui; Jian, Xingxing; Li, Yuyu; Ouyang, Jian; Tan, Xiaoxiu; Zhao, Yong; Lin, Jun 30, 2020 6184
Genocea presents updated long-term data from GEN-009 Phase 1/2a trial. May 29, 2020 335
Neon Therapeutics announces acceptance of CTA application for NEO-PTC-01. Apr 30, 2020 163
Global Neoantigen Cancer Vaccine Market is Projected to Reach $1826.1 Million by End of the Forecast Period, 2030. Jan 14, 2020 1077
Could Increased Expression of Hsp27, an "Anti-Inflammatory" Chaperone, Contribute to the Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cell Bias towards Tolerance Induction in Breast Cancer Patients? de Azevedo-Santos, Ana Paula Silva; Rocha, Mirtes Castelo Branco; Guimaraes, Sulayne Janayna Araujo; Dec 31, 2019 4915
Combination with Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Offers a Promising Strategy to Overcome Resistance to Immunotherapy in Advanced Renal Cell Cancer. Sun, Xiaowen; Gan, Lu; Na, Aru; Ge, Lingling; Chen, Baoqing; Liu, Jiaming Dec 31, 2019 9231
A Comprehensive Survey of Genomic Alterations in Gastric Cancer Reveals Recurrent Neoantigens as Potential Therapeutic Targets. Chen, Chao; Zhou, Qiming; Wu, Riping; Li, Bo; Chen, Qiang; Zhang, Xiuqing; Shi, Chunmei Nov 30, 2019 5336
NEC and Vaximm Forge Clinical Trial Collaboration. Nov 14, 2019 224
Genocea presents preclinical research on inhibitory neoantigens. Nov 5, 2019 395
Genocea Biosciences reveals 'outstanding' data on its neoantigen immunotherapy aimed to treat cancer. Oct 31, 2019 133
Genocea to present interim results from Phase 1/2a trial for GEN-009. Sep 27, 2019 152
Applied DNA Sciences, Takis/Evvivax vaccine candidates showed tumor reduction. Sep 19, 2019 324
Valo Therapeutics licenses the PeptiENV Technology from the University of Helsinki for the treatment of multiple cancers. Sep 3, 2019 265
Valo Therapeutics licenses the PeptiENV Technology from the University of Helsinki for the treatment of multiple cancers. Sep 3, 2019 261
Neoantigen Targeted Therapies Market, 2030. Aug 6, 2019 985
Neon Therapeutics reports Q2 EPS (79c), consensus (78c). Financial report Aug 6, 2019 146
NEC Acquires Norwegian Bioinformatics Company, OncoImmunity AS. Jul 29, 2019 431
Mobile app 'finds anti-cancer molecules in food'. Jul 21, 2019 140
New Immune Data from Ongoing ADXS-NEO Phase 1 Study Support Clinical Potential for Neoantigen-Directed Immunotherapies. Jul 16, 2019 903
Gilead subsidiary Kite announces plans for viral vectors facility in California. Jul 16, 2019 111
Neon Therapeutics' Neoantigen vaccine shows prolonged Progression-Free Survival. Jul 15, 2019 236
Advaxis annnounces new immune data from ongoing ADXS-NEO Phase 1 clinical trial. Jul 15, 2019 255
Advaxis to Increase Focus on Neoantigen-Directed Immunotherapies, Closes Phase 3 AIM2CERV Study. Jun 28, 2019 400
Moderna Presents Interim Data from Phase 1 Study of mRNA Personalised Cancer Vaccine at 2019 ASCO Annual Meeting. Jun 5, 2019 647
Genocea presents GEN-009 data at ASCO. Jun 3, 2019 120
NEC (TYO: 6701)--NEC initiates AI-driven drug discovery business targeting a business valuation of [yen] 300 billion by 2025--27/5/2019. May 27, 2019 507
NEC Becomes the First Japanese Company to Join the TESLA Consortium's Fight Against Cancer. May 14, 2019 371
Gritstone Oncology reports Q1 EPS (62c), consensus (65c). Financial report May 13, 2019 219
Gritstone Oncology reports Q4 EPS (61c), consensus (65c). Financial report Mar 28, 2019 178
Flow Pharma, OncoImmunity AS partner for the Development of FlowVax Personalised Cancer Vaccines. Mar 13, 2019 404
Transgene to Start Clinical Development of Lead Myvac Individualised Immunotherapy, TG4050, in 2019, Under Partnership with NEC. Mar 7, 2019 491
Ykl-40 and cancer antigen 72-4 as new and promising diagnostic and prognostic markers for endometrial cancer/Endometriyal kanser icin yeni ve umut verici tani ve prognostik belirtecler olarak YKL-40 ve kanser antijen 72-4. Karatas, Suat; Sal, Veysel; Kahramanoglu, Ilker; Demirkiran, Fuat; Bese, Tugan; Arvas, Macit; Sofiye Report Dec 1, 2018 5223
Neon Therapeutics presents Phase 1b data on NEO-PV01 vaccine. Oct 22, 2018 188
Kite, HiFiBiO announce research collaboration. Oct 2, 2018 186
Stellar Biotechnologies to supply KLH to National Institutes of Health. Sep 5, 2018 143
Bristol-Myers Squibb, Gritstone Oncology Forge Clinical Research Collaboration to Evaluate Novel Immunotherapy Approach in Advanced Solid Tumors. Aug 2, 2018 610
Bristol-Myers Squibb, Gritstone Oncology Partner to Evaluate Neoantigen Immunotherapy in Advanced Solid Tumors. Jul 24, 2018 383
Targovax ASA awarded European Patent for mutant-RAS specific neoantigen vaccine TG02. Jun 19, 2018 244
Targovax ASA awarded European Patent for mutant-RAS specific neoantigen vaccine TG02. Jun 19, 2018 240
First Patient Dosed in Investigational Personalized Neoantigen Immunotherapy Trial with ADXS-NEO. Jun 13, 2018 288
Personalized Therapy Promising in Metastatic Breast Cancer; Adaptive transfer of mutant-protein-specific tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes leads to disease regression. Jun 4, 2018 186
Adrian Woolfson, M.D., Ph.D Named as Chief Medical Officer for Nouscom. May 31, 2018 170
Nouscom names new chief medical officer. May 30, 2018 226
Nouscom names new chief medical officer. May 30, 2018 222
Nouscom names Adrian Woolfson as CMO. May 29, 2018 162
Nouscom names Adrian Woolfson as CMO. May 29, 2018 158
Advaxis says data shows potential of ADXS-NEO as anti-cancer immunotherapy agent. May 11, 2018 202
Neon Therapeutics Treats First Patient in Clinical Trial of NEO-PV-01 Cancer Vaccine in Combination with Keytruda and Chemotherapy. May 10, 2018 298
Aduro Biotech says pLADD therapy induces both innate, adaptive immunity. Apr 26, 2018 218
Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Congress-USA will discuss advancements in cancer immunotherapy, clinical de. Mar 5, 2018 546
Neoantigen profiling predicts response to immunotherapy. Osterweil, Neil Feb 1, 2018 1077
Cancer Immunotherapy: Priming the Host Immune Response with Live Attenuated Salmonella enterica. Hernandez-Luna, Marco Antonio; Luria-Perez, Rosendo Jan 1, 2018 10809
Recent Development and Clinical Application of Cancer Vaccine: Targeting Neoantigens. Pan, Ren-You; Chung, Wen-Hung; Chu, Mu-Tzu; Chen, Shu-Jen; Chen, Hua-Chien; Zheng, Lei; Hung, Shuen- Jan 1, 2018 6452
Cancer Immunotherapy and Identification of Prognostic and Predictive Biomarkers. Criscitiello, Carmen; Santangelo, Michele; Loupakis, Fotios Jan 1, 2018 710
The Evolution of Radiation Therapy in Metastatic Breast Cancer: From Local Therapy to Systemic Agent. Jutzy, Jessica M.S.; Lemons, Jeffrey M.; Luke, Jason J.; Chmura, Steven J. Report Jan 1, 2018 6191
Diffuse Bone Marrow Metastasis as the Initial Presentation of an Occult Breast Cancer. Fan, Frank S.; Yang, Chung-Fan; Wang, Yi-Fen Jan 1, 2018 3043
Collaborative Clinical Study Will Examine Neon Therapeutics' Cancer Vaccine in Combination with Merck's Keytruda and Chemotherapy. Clinical report Dec 8, 2017 248
Neon Therapeutics Raises USD 106m in Crossover Series B Financing. Dec 7, 2017 269
NousCom reveals preclinical data showing neoantigen-based vaccine synergises with NKTR-214. Nov 13, 2017 219
NousCom reveals preclinical data showing neoantigen-based vaccine synergises with NKTR-214. Nov 13, 2017 215
Neon Therapeutics, Apexigen to Collaborate in Clinical Trial for Metastatic Melanoma Treatment. Jul 26, 2017 289
Vedantra Pharmaceuticals, Neon Therapeutics Forge Joint Research Collaboration to Develop Cancer Vaccines. Mar 14, 2017 388
The Use of Human Epididymis 4 and Cancer Antigen 125 Tumor Markers in the Benign or Malignant Differential Diagnosis of Pelvic or Adnexal Masses. Dolgun, Zehra Nihal; Kabaca, Canan; Karateke, Ates; Iyibozkurt, Cem; Inan, Cihan; Altintas, Ahmet Sa Report Mar 1, 2017 4817
Next Generation Sequencing of Circulating Cell-Free DNA for Evaluating Mutations and Gene Amplification in Metastatic Breast Cancer. Page, Karen; Guttery, David S.; Fernandez-Garcia, Daniel; Hills, Allison; Hastings, Robert K.; Luo, Report Feb 1, 2017 5875
Aduro Biotech signs exclusive license agreement with Stanford University. Jan 20, 2017 216
Aduro Biotech signs exclusive license agreement with Stanford University. Jan 20, 2017 212
Pure MHC signs oncology research partnership with AbbVie. Jan 10, 2017 193
Pure MHC signs oncology research partnership with AbbVie. Jan 10, 2017 189
Selection of DNA Aptamers for Ovarian Cancer Biomarker CA125 Using One-Pot SELEX and High-Throughput Sequencing. Scoville, Delia J.; Uhm, Tae Kyu Brian; Shallcross, Jamie A.; Whelan, Rebecca J. Report Jan 1, 2017 6964
Genetically Modified T-Cell-Based Adoptive Immunotherapy in Hematological Malignancies. Ye, Baixin; Stary, Creed M.; Gao, Qingping; Wang, Qiongyu; Zeng, Zhi; Jian, Zhihong; Gu, Lijuan; Xio Jan 1, 2017 9611
A Panel of CA19-9, Ca125, and Ca15-3 as the Enhanced Test for the Differential Diagnosis of the Pancreatic Lesion. Hogendorf, Piotr; Skulimowski, Aleksander; Durczynski, Adam; Kumor, Anna; Poznanska, Grahyna; Olesna Report Jan 1, 2017 5494
A blood test for early detection of lung cancer. Peek, Laura J.; Jett, James R. Dec 1, 2016 1479
Evaluation of HE4, CA-125, risk of ovarian malignancy algorithm (ROMA) and risk of malignancy index (RMI) in the preoperative assessment of patients with adnexal mass. Musalhi, Khawla Al; Kindi, Manal Al; Aisary, Faiza Al; Ramadhan, Fatma; Rawahi, Thuraya Al; Hatali, Report Sep 1, 2016 5543
AbbVie, CytomX Therapeutics. Jun 1, 2016 360
Agreement seeks to advance stem-to-T-cell program. Feb 29, 2016 393
Research agreement seeks to advance Stem-to-T-Cell program. Feb 22, 2016 392
Research agreement seeks to advance Stem-to-T-Cell program. Feb 22, 2016 393
Postoperative CA19-9 change is a useful predictor of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma survival following liver resection. Yoo, Tae; Park, Sang-Jae; Han, Sung-Sik; Kim, Seong Hoon; Lee, Seung Duk; Kim, Young-Kyu; Kim, Tae H Report Jan 1, 2016 3844
Autoantibody response to ZRF1 and KRR1 SEREX antigens in patients with breast tumors of different histological types and grades. Dyachenko, Lada; Havrysh, Kristina; Lytovchenko, Anita; Dosenko, Irina; Antoniuk, Stepan; Filonenko, Report Jan 1, 2016 4977
Validity of cancer antigen-125 (CA-125) and risk of malignancy index (RMI) in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Musalhi, Khawla Al-; Kindi, Manal Al-; Ramadhan, Fatma; Rawahi, Thuraya Al-; Hatali, Khalsa Al-; Mul Report Nov 1, 2015 4503
Diagnostic and prognostic role of preoperative circulating CA 15-3, CA 125, and beta-2 microglobulin in renal cell carcinoma. Lucarelli, Giuseppe; Ditonno, Pasquale; Bettocchi, Carlo; Vavallo, Antonio; Rutigliano, Monica; Gall Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 4247
A new hope in immunotherapy for malignant gliomas: adoptive T cell transfer therapy. Chung, Dong-Sup; Shin, Hye-Jin; Hong, Yong-Kil Report Jan 1, 2014 14797
CD8+ TIL recruitment may revert the association of MAGE A3 with aggressive features in thyroid tumors. Martins, Mariana Bonjiorno; Marcello, Marjory Alana; Batista, Fernando de Assis; Cunha, Lucas Leite; Report Jan 1, 2014 4661
The rise and fall of CA 19-9. Bernon, M.; Thomson, S.R.; Jonas, E. Editorial Nov 1, 2013 1001
Astronomically high CA 19-9 in a patient with a benign lesion. Rao, Nitin A.R.; Satyaprakash, B.S. Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2013 560
Nanotechnology Used to Produce Biological Carriers of Breast Cancer Tumor Antigens. Aug 22, 2013 308
Unleashing the power of proteomics to develop blood-based cancer markers. Taguchi, Ayumu; Hanash, Samir M. Report Jan 1, 2013 5610
Chitin, chitosan, and glycated chitosan regulate immune responses: the novel adjuvants for cancer vaccine. Li, Xiaosong; Min, Min; Du, Nan; Gu, Ying; Hode, Tomas; Naylor, Mark; Chen, Dianjun; Nordquist, Robe Jan 1, 2013 6200
Serum CA-125 versus ultrasound examination in differentiating between benign and malignant ovarian masses. Farnaz; Hassan, Lubna Report Sep 30, 2012 1373
Immunohistochemical expression of Ki-67, PCNA and CD34 in astrocytomas: a clinicopathological Study. Chaloob, Mohammed Kassim; Ali, Hussam Hasson; Qasim, Ban Jumaa; Mohammed, Ahmed Salahaldeen Report Sep 1, 2012 4472
The values of CA-125, progesterone, [beta]-HCG and estradiol in the early prediction of ectopic pregnancy. Abdul-Hussein, Meena M.; Abdul-Rasheed, Omar F.; Al-Moayed, Hala Abdul Qadir Clinical report Mar 1, 2012 3068
Ovarian cancer: recent studies shed light on early detection of ovarian cancer--but it's not a green light for routine screening. Until promising avenues of research lead further, refer women who have an adnexal mass, an elevated CA-125 level, and troubling ultrasonographic findings to a specialist--early. Mutch, David G.; Kizer, Nora Brief article Jul 1, 2010 280
Ultrasonography in combination with serum ca-125 can facilitate early referral to a subspecialist. Jul 1, 2010 627
Merkel cell polyomavirus in cutaneous swabs. Foulongne, Vincent; Kluger, Nicolas; Dereure, Olivier; Mercier, Gregoire; Moles, Jean-Pierre; Guillo Apr 1, 2010 2033
CA125 monitoring not beneficial in ovarian Ca. Dales, Mary Jo M. Report Jul 1, 2009 971
Monitoring CA125 after ovarian cancer provides no benefit. Dales, Mary Jo M. Jun 15, 2009 700
CA 125 + ultrasound find early ovarian cancer. Sullivan, Michele G. Report Apr 15, 2009 584
Roche Holding AG, the world's biggest maker of tumor drugs, said its Herceptin treatment helped keep breast cancer from worsening in a study. Brief article Dec 15, 2008 320
Roche Holding AG, the world's biggest maker of tumor drugs, said a late-stage study showed its Herceptin medicine helped slow the spread of breast cancer when combined with its chemotherapy treatment Xeloda. Brief article Jun 2, 2008 193
Identification of pro-MMP-7 as a serum marker for renal cell carcinoma by use of proteomic analysis. Sarkissian, Gaiane; Fergelot, Patricia; Lamy, Pierre-Jean; Patard, Jean-Jacques; Culine, Stephane; J Mar 1, 2008 5208
WU polyomavirus in children, Canada. Abed, Yacine; Wang, David; Boivin, Guy Dec 1, 2007 1828
Arch Surg: Cancer antigens 19-9 and 125 in the differential diagnosis of pancreatic mass lesions. Cwik, G.; Wallner, G.; Skoczylas, T. Brief article Apr 1, 2007 240
Cytokeratin and epithelial membrane antigen expression in angiosarcomas: an immunohistochemical study of 33 cases. Abbadi, Mousa A. Al-; Almasri, Nidal M.; Quran, Samer Al-; Wilkinson, Edward J. Clinical report Feb 1, 2007 2798
Pattern of biomarkers detects early-stage ovarian cancer. Bates, Betsy Apr 15, 2006 565
Analysis of T-cell receptor V[beta] gene repertoires after immune stimulation and in malignancy by use of padlock probes and microarrays. Baner, Johan; Marits, Per; Nilsson, Mats; Winqvist, Ola; Landegren, Ulf Apr 1, 2005 5063
Treatment combinations stall colorectal cancer. (Cancer Advance). Seppa, N. Jun 7, 2003 491
A comparative study of four serological tumor markers for the detection of breast cancer. Hall, Margot Apr 1, 2002 4165
Active Biotech gets UK approval for new cancer study. Brief Article Feb 6, 2002 126
Results of BRCA Gene Testing Often Affects Choice of Therapy. Finn, Robert Jul 1, 2001 250
Rapid screening method for osteoclast differentiation in vitro that measures tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase 5b activity secreted into the culture medium. Alatalo, Sari L.; Halleen, Jussi M.; Hentunen, Teuvo A.; Monkkonen, Jukka; Vaananen, H. Kalervo Nov 1, 2000 2078
The "watch and wait" approach to prostate cancer. Jul 1, 1994 131
Waving a red flag against melanoma. Ezzell, Carol Dec 14, 1991 700

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