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Tumbler & fall over.

Byline: Ian Fletcher

POURING booze into a tumbler could get you drunk nearly twice as fast as using a tall glass, a study shows.

An optical illusion means those filling a short wide glass pour up to 80 per cent more than a long, slender one, even though both glasses hold the same volume.

Oxford University psychologist Professor Charles Spence also found that even veteran bartenders poured 26 per cent more alcohol into tumblers than highball glasses.

The professor said the phenomenon was due to "vertical-horizontal illusion", when observers focus on heights rather than widths.

Prof Spence said the perception of cocktails is also affected by the shape of the glass and that people enjoyed drinks less if served in an inappropriate container: He added: "To maximize the strength of your Martini, make sure it is poured into a flat glass."

Julian Chamberlain, boss of Retail Active, who published the study, said: "There are health implications for alcohol drinkers - even experienced bar staff pour more alcohol into tumblers when estimating a shot of spirits.

"People who pour their own drinks will be doing the same.

"It's a fascinating example of how a psychological factor and an optical illusion can dramatically affect the way drinks are consumed."
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 2, 2010
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