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Tumble dryer safety warning.

FIREFIGHTERS say anyone who uses a tumble dryer needs to take precautions to prevent their appliances from catching fire.

It comes after they were called to a blaze caused by a build up of fluff inside a tumble dryer on Teddington Road, New Moston, on Wednesday.

Fire crews say a build up of fluff had collected around the motor of the dryer, which caused it to melt and catch fire.

Greater Manchester Fire Service officers said the fire could have been avoided if lint had been cleared from the filter.

No one was injured during the fire, but fire crews have issued guidance for tumble dryer users to avoid appliances catching fire.

A statement from the fire service said: "Tumble dryers have been around for a long time, and used safely they can be a useful addition to your household.

"However, if fluff is allowed to accumulate in the filter, near blocked vents, and at the rear of your dryer you increase the risk of this fluff catching fire from the heat created by the dryer."

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Publication:Manchester Evening News (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Date:Jan 6, 2018
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