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Tulip Time 2004.

Register today for the 2004 Tulip Time Scholarship Games! If you register by Jan. 15, you'll receive a 20% early bird discount! Just send in your registration form (page 33) or register online at

What: Tulip Time Scholarship Games

Who: Kids 12 and under and their families

When: Saturday, April 24, 2004

Where: The Fitness Farm 2345 West 44th Street ndianapolis, IN 46228

Time: Sign-in begins at 9:30 A.M.

Meet Thomas Kinkade!

Get creative with well-known artist Thomas Kinkade at this year's Scholarship Games as he talks to kids about drawing and painting. And if you haven't already entered our Thomas Kinkade Poster Contest (see details on page 10), do it today! Semifinalists will be published each issue and go on to compete for the grand prize, which includes a $10,000 college scholarship, a Raleigh bicycle, a stethoscope, and a defibrillator for your school! (The winner will be announced at the Scholarship Games on April 24.)

Fun for the Whole Family

There is something for everyone at the Scholarship Games. Which of these awesome events would you like to enter?

* Track

* Basketball

* Golf

* Swimming

* Body Parts Spelling Bee

* Piano Contest

* Soccer

* Tennis

* Tree Identification

Body Parts Spelling Bee

Add these new words to the ones you've been studying, and look for more in the next issue. Visit our Web site for a complete list of words for all age groups.
 Beginner: Junior:
 6 and under 7 and 8

hip temple skin skeleton
eye cheek orbit pinna
face scalp socket globe
jaw leg nasal space ear canal
arm breast brain stem spinal cord
limb kidney vertebra tonsil
vein cord spleen root
ureter dura lymph vocal cord
pons nail nervous system frontal lobe
tube cornea anvil

Tree Identification Event

Learn to identy and spell these trees:

(ages six and under)

Crab Apple Red Oak White Oak Catalpa Weeping Willow Hawthorn Stag Horn Sumac Red Horse Chestnut Green Ash

Black Cherry Ginkgo Paper Birch Redbud Dogwood Sweet Gum Grey Birch Sugar Maple

(ages riven to twelve add these)

Hemlock Cottonwood Chestnut Oak Purple Ash Persimmon Silver Maple Hickory Pecan Heckberry

Box Elder Red Mulberry Serbian Spruce Slippery Elm Juniper Japanese Maple Yellowwood Red Maple Honeylocust
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