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Name that element! Which element makes ultralight tennis rackets possible, helps you fill in bubble tests, and is essential for life on Earth? Follow these five clues to find out. Then turn the page to test your chemistry IQ. Mar 18, 2011 1240
Toxic water is poisoning the people of Bangladesh: can a student's science project help save their lives? Apr 17, 2006 1083
Rockin' gems: find out how your birthstone transforms from a diamond in the rough to a dazzling gem. Nov 14, 2005 1357
National parks nature lab: hike, paddle, and camp your way through nature's best laboratories: America's national parks. May 9, 2005 1433
Ready, set, slurp! Scientists discover the secret to chameleons' catapulting tongues. Mar 28, 2005 816
Bent on Speed: get the lowdown on how engineers use physics to build the fastest bikes on earth. Mar 7, 2005 1724
Gesundheit: a cat allergy is nothing to sneeze at. Find out what some scientists are doing to stop kitty-caused sniffles in their tracks. Feb 7, 2005 1165
Name that element! Oct 11, 2004 1112
Don't sweat it! Sep 20, 2004 213
Name that element! which element on the periodic table makes ultra light tennis rackets, brews up decaf coffee, and is the most important element for life on Earth? Follow these eight clues to find out. Then turn the page to test your chem IQ. Sep 6, 2004 1252
Medical milestone: South Korean scientists have cloned human cells to help treat disease. Find out how, and why it could change the future. May 10, 2004 2454
Say ouch! Apr 26, 2004 163
Tricky sticks. Apr 26, 2004 458
Buy a better earth: Science World goes shopping for the environment. Apr 5, 2004 1941
Slow motion. Mar 22, 2004 113
Name that element! Mar 22, 2004 1046
Could you survive an avalanche? Learn the science behind surviving one of Earth's deadliest natural disasters. Mar 8, 2004 1628
b belly laugh life. Feb 2, 2004 303
f fried candy bars: physical. Feb 2, 2004 206
h hot cocoa: health. Feb 2, 2004 136
j Java: health: morning coffee isn't just for Mom and Dad anymore. But is it good for you? Feb 2, 2004 1118
u underwear: physical. Feb 2, 2004 105
Diet fact or fiction? Jan 12, 2004 123
Get a grip! Junior climbing champ Scott Cory built his iron grip clinging to rock walls. Find out why certain kinds of rock make his favorite climbing spots so challenging. Jan 12, 2004 1472
Go, cubs! Brief Article Dec 8, 2003 142
Now that's intense! Nov 17, 2003 473
Could you survive a desert island? Nov 17, 2003 1702
It's a car, it's a boat. Nov 3, 2003 261
Decibel drag race. Oct 13, 2003 188
Fried fish? Sep 22, 2003 366
Ready, set, squirt! How one inventor used charts and graphs to make a splash. Sep 22, 2003 1094
Teen hubble. Sep 1, 2003 245
Stamping out SARS: scientists race to stop the spread of a mysterious disease. Sep 1, 2003 1229
Mystery killer. (Health Alert/Viruses). May 9, 2003 244
Name that element! This element rules the computer age. You'll find it in most of Earth's soil, sand, and rocks--not to mention everything from PC chips to hairspray. What is it? Grab a periodic table and follow these eight clues to find out. Then turn the page to test your chem IQ. (Physical Science Chemistry). May 9, 2003 1224
Leafless wonder. (Earth/Global Warming). Apr 18, 2003 235
Fuel for debate: gas guzzlers are an environmental hazard. Can car engineers clean up their act? (Technology/Chemistry). Apr 18, 2003 1699
Name that element! It powers rockets to the moon, can bleach your hair, and decimates zits. It's Earth's most abundant element and interacts with a staggering number of chemicals. Can you name it? Grab a periodic table and follow these eight clues. Then turn the page to test your "element IQ." (Physical science: chemistry). Mar 28, 2003 1396
Gotcha! You can easily spot a familiar face in a crowd. But what if your mission was to pick out the face of someone you've never seen? Enter facial-recognition technology. (Physical/Life Science Technology/Vision). Mar 7, 2003 1737
Fear factors: everyone reacts to fear differently. Scientists are beginning to understand why. (The Brain/Genetics). Feb 7, 2003 634
Name that element! (New Science Mystery Series!). Jan 24, 2003 1456
Dino-mummy: in the flesh. (Life/Earth News). Dec 13, 2002 273
Elephant hunt: how many species are there? (Science News). Interview Nov 29, 2002 441
Fat-friendly fries? (Graph It!). Brief Article Nov 8, 2002 227
Moon secrets. (Earth/Space News). Interview Nov 8, 2002 189

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