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Tubular Linear Motor by Dunkermotoren.

A new Linear Motor that brings significant benefits to systems designers and machine builders that is claimed to be the first ever tubular linear motor with an integrated amplifier and controller has been introduced by Dunkermotoren.

In common with Dunkermotoren's existing BG Series of DC brushless rotary motors, the STll range of linear motors has been extended with an integrated controller option that offers ease of integration with significantly reduced and simplified wiring. It features a range of analogue and digital inputs and outputs, with CAN, Profibus and EtherCAT communications protocols available as standard. Once programmed only power is required to operate in stand-alone mode, with programming completed using Dunkermotoren's own proven and established Drive Assistant[TM].

The new controller mounts easily with all models in the ST 11 series and maintains a combined IP67 rating with the motor although it can also be positioned away from the motor in the same way as a conventional controller. This ensures optimum flexibility along with the advantages of a single-source of supply for all your motion and control needs.

The ST11 series is capable of velocities up to 5m/s and accelerations up to 422m/s2, with a maximum stroke length of 271mm and a peak available force of 92N. Continuous stall forces of 27N are achievable. The motor's actuator rod can be supplied with a range of industry-standard fixtures and fittings. In common with all Dunkermotoren's Servo Tube Linear Motors, built-in feedback eliminates the need for expensive external encoders and offers absolute accuracy of [+ or -]350[micro]m with [+ or -]12[micro]m repeatability

Although ideally suited for use in a wide range of motion control applications, being faster than stepper motors with ball-screws and more precise than belt-drive systems, the ST 11 with Integrated Controller is particularly ideal for replacing pneumatics in all-electric machines due to its efficient, low-maintenance and environmentally sound features. Unlike conventional pneumatic actuators the ST11 with Integral Controller is capable of infinite control and can perform a wide range of move profiles, accelerations and speeds.

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Date:May 1, 2013
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