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A Remarkable Man: William T. Pound is stepping down as executive director of NCSL, leaving legislatures stronger than he found them. Jul 1, 2019 1329
States vs. feds: the growing schism between states and the federal government makes for a difficult and deteriorating relationship, with a few exceptions. Jul 1, 2013 2766
Think recovery: the economic stimulus act is one of the most complex bills ever passed. Here are some tips on how to understand the legislation. Apr 1, 2009 995
Federal (in) action: it's hard to get much done in our nation's Capitol these days. Jan 1, 2008 2554
American federalism: what a ride: the changes in congress aren't apt to transform the relationship between the states and the federal government. Cover story Jan 1, 2007 2409
Lose some, win some: the new federal spending plan contains bad news for states. But there's good news, too, especially in the Medicaid law. Mar 1, 2006 1435
Federal Top 10: on the agenda in Washington D.C., are--at the very least--10 issues that state legislators will keep their eyes on. Jan 1, 2005 1765
The mandate monster: unfunded federal mandates are back, and they are costing states billions. May 1, 2004 1625
A blueprint for streamlining sales taxes: an agreement on how to simplify sales taxes across state lines has been reached. Now it's up to legislatures to concur. Feb 1, 2003 3686
Federalism's ups and downs: It's pretty much agreed that devolution has wanted; and there are considerable pressures for centralization. What's not clear, is why. Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 2607
In Search of a Simple Sales Tax. May 1, 2001 4031
Congressional Inconsistencies. Feb 1, 2000 3275
The state-federal tug of war. Jul 1, 1999 3975
The more things change-. Jan 1, 1999 3084
The dual personality of federalism. Apr 1, 1998 4193
Fed up with the feds. Apr 1, 1995 2943
Republican victory - boon for the states? Jan 1, 1995 2167
Clinton reform: good medicine or bad? Apr 1, 1994 3893
Congressional prescriptives. Apr 1, 1994 732
How would legislators do it? Apr 1, 1994 967
As the twig is bent. Oct 1, 1993 2010
Clinton, Congress and change. Jan 1, 1993 1757

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