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Tsingtao begins two summer promos.

Monarch Import Co. and Tsingtao beer recently unveiled plans for two separate summertime promotions.

The first, "An Intriguing Opportunity," was developed for the brand's on-premise accounts and is aimed at young adults. The campaign's tagline promotes Tsingtao as "the world's most intriguing-tasting beer."

The promotional kits include and authentic, hand-hammered, solid brass gong to be used as an attention-getter when a Tsingtao is ordered. In addition, chopsticks, table tents, banners, t-shirts, buttons, pens.

"The promotion is designed to increase Tsingtao distribution into high profile, young adult accounts and expand the brand's awareness into a broader market segment," said Fred Graefenhain, Tsingtao product manager, Monarch Import Co.

In the brand's other promotion, "A Great Profit Story Unfolds," off-premise consumers are reminded that "Tsingtao beer, imported from China, is the most interesting and exotic of all import beer, yet its taste and character appeal to every American beer drinker," Graefenhain continued.

During the promotion, display cards will offer consumers a chance to order a unique decorator fan, a $50 value for $19.95, according to Graefenhain. Crafted and painted in China, the fans open to nearly six feet.

Both promotions, Graefenhain said, will run throughout the summer months.
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Title Annotation:Monarch Import Co.'s Tsingtao beer promotion
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 27, 1991
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