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Tryst Williams taste test.

Byline: Tryst Williams

As befits a chip shop that serves up goujons rather than fish fingers, the Finnegan's chip experience definitely cried out for a Jilly Goolden-style taste test.

First there was the presentation - the reassuringly golden chips nestled delicately in their primrose yellow wrapper, shrouded in a fine mist of sprayed - not sprinkled - vinegar.

Inside, the chips were a cheeky little number with overtones of, err, potatoes and oil.

Not bad for a quid, as Jilly wouldn't say.

And my late Mamgu - who could never buy a bag of chips without asking, 'Are they piping hot?' - would most certainly have approved of the shop's innovative corrugated cardboard box, designed to keep those all-important fish and chips warm for the homeward journey.
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jan 29, 2004
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