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Trying to trace brave warriors named on world war memorial; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR.

If you or your any connection the people get in Phillip Stallard/Cozens, IN the offices of the Welsh Government in Cathays Park, Cardiff, there are two war memorials commemorating the deaths of the staff of the predecessor organisations in the First and Second World Wars. We are researching the names on both memorials, and we'd like some help with the one for the First World War, please. We believe that we've traced the majority of the people, but there are some for whom we have no information - these are in bold below. It is these people that we would particularly like to trace, but information on any of the names would be welcome. The names are: WEV (William Ellis Vincent) Bellman R (Reginald) Blacker CS Brown. There are alternatives: 14622 Private Cecil Stuart Brown, 12th (Service) (Bristol) Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment; 12321 / DA Leading Deckhand CS (Charles Shutwell) Brown, Royal Naval Reserve - HM Trawler "Tenby Castle" RJ (Richard John) Bunford FP (Frank Pargeter) Cobden EW Davies. There are alternatives: 65352 Private Evan William Davies, 2nd Battalion, Welch Regiment; Second Lieutenant EW Davies, 1st / 7th Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers.

G Davies. There are 228 entries for G Davies with more than one initial, and 37 entries for G Davies with one initial, on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) website. From this, we think that there are 11 possibilities with definite Welsh connections, who either served with a Welsh regiment or are identified as being from Wales - six of them have both. We'd like to find the right one!

RA (Ralph Augustus) Duck SD (Simon Davies) Evans family has with please touch Harriett Newport JB Ewen. According to the CWGC website, there are no entries for "J B Ewen" or "JB Ewan". There are, however, 11 entries for "J Ewen" and five for "J Ewan". None of these has a Welsh connection, either in respect of having served in a Welsh regiment or having a Welsh family connection. The majority of all those listed seem to be Scottish, either having served in a Scottish regiment or having a Scottish family connection. There are two entries for "Ewen" with a different initial(s) with a Welsh connection, and these have been examined, but no actual proof has been found. It has also been suggested that this person survived the war which, if true, begs the question as to why his name is on the memorial.

AE (Allan Edward) Garth HJ (Henry John) Lake WJ (William Joseph) Lewis OD (Oscar David) Morris JE Mundy. There are alternatives: 18758 Private JE (John Ernest) Mundy, 2nd Battalion, Ox & Bucks Light Infantry; Second Lieutenant JE (Jesse Ernest) Mundy, Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own), attached 2nd / 2nd Battalion, London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers).

A (Allan) Newton JH (James Hywel or Howell) Parry HR Pracey (Henry Reginald Pracy) D Thomas. There are 158 entries for D Thomas on the CWGC website, of whom 142 served with UK forces. Twenty of these are 'D' only (ie no other initial(s)). Twelve of these have a Welsh connection, but have not yet been checked. Again, we'd like to find the right one!

So if you or anyone in your family has any connection with any of the people listed below, please get in touch on or on 01633 215753.

Phillip Stallard and Harriett Cozens Newport Why we should be staying in the EU IF you think that British justice is the best in the world, it would be better to stay in the EU, so we could improve EU law.

If you are surprised now to be told that it does not operate as well as you had believed, it would be better to stay in the EU, where British legal practice might be improved.

Anybody who believes in anything, in co-operation between police forces and national security forces, to combat terrorism, drug gangs, people-trafficking; in compelling international companies to pay taxes, to maintain an adequate pension fund, and abhor offshore banking, would be completely opposed to separating from people who have the same beliefs as themselves, in other countries.

It does not even sound intelligent that we presently have excellent combined and shared knowledge of terrorists, so we shall now sever every working link with 27 countries.

It is obvious that if you care about global warming, the protection of the oceans, the purity of the air we breathe, and the pollution of beaches or the land, that such causes cannot possibly be served by leaving the EU.

Only scoundrels would pretend that the future ecology of our shared planet could be achieved by nations choosing to be isolated.

Substantially damaging our present trade with all nearest countries, as a first step to some phantom successful trade with the other side of the globe, should be sufficient warning that your trust is misplaced. Neville Westerman Brynna Tree felling will be root of more floods I WRITE in praise of the various geniuses who have decided that the best way to reduce the flood risk is to fell trees, as seen with the Waterloo Gardens flood relief scheme.

Well done! What a brilliant solution - of course we should also remember that a mature tree can take up well over 100 gallons of water a day - and an average of 40,000 gallons of water a year is reasonable for a mature oak tree.

So what does this mean? Simply that with every tree these buffoons have felled, they have left themselves tens of thousands more gallons of water to get rid of. Brilliant! Sheer unadulterated genius. God preserve us from experts. You reduce flood risk by planting more trees. Peter Sunman Penylan, Cardiff Check out colourful story of dad's tartan FASCINATING to see such a colourful variety of tartan kilts worn by the cheerful Scots walking towards Cardiff town centre on Saturday morning. It reminded me of my late father, (hospitalised three times when he served in the Royal Navy during the First World War), and his often self-derogatory sense of humour. He would describe the MacArthur tartan - dark green, midgreen, plus a thin yellow line running through, as - "two shades of green with a yellow streak!" Barbara MacArthur Cathays, Cardiff The small print: Letters will not be included unless you include your name, full postal address and daytime telephone number (we prefer to use names of letter writers but you can ask for your name not to be published if you have a good reason). The Editor reserves the right to edit all letters.

the If you or your family has any connection with the people listed, please get in touch Phillip Stallard/Harriett Cozens, Newport

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Date:Feb 5, 2018
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