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Trying retail therapy; We love SOAPS.

Byline: Tony Stewart


As soon as Bob rigged up a secret spy camera in the cafe it was inevitable that grieving Brenda's kleptomania would come to an abrupt end. Even so, it's hard to work out who is most shocked and humiliated - with even Harriet, the former hardnosed cop turned vicar, astonished by events.

As Bob tries to return Brenda's Aladdin's Cave of stolen goods to their rightful owners, there's speculation that her brain tumour could be causing her to behave so irrationally. But that's quickly ruled out by doctors.

With Dan told about Brenda's compulsion, he confides in his chavvy girlfriend Kerry - and she decides there's one answer to Brenda's problem. She'll take her out for a bit of retail therapy. And that's like opening the gate to the zebras' enclosure for a lion. Messy.

Kerry ends up in a row with another shopper and while distracted, Brenda slips off on a self-service spree which ends in them being arrested. Let's hope they let Bob know the visiting hours.


RUN: Brenda and Kerry try to escape
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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion, Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 15, 2014
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