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Try the rag test; YourSay.

I READ with interest the correspondence of B Perry regarding rag-and-bone men (Letters, April 23).

Living in close proximity to B Perry, I too have to endure the excessive use of a vehicle's horn, and also a bugle, on Sunday mornings.

I much preferred the local Boys Brigade band who paraded the Maypole Road in years gone by, also on Sundays.

What I can tell B Perry is that no self-respecting rag-and-bone man would ply his trade on a Sunday. They had the same deference for the Sabbath as everyone of our generation.

There is, however, an acid test to determine a true rag-andbone man from those masquerading as the traditional and much loved.

Offer them a bag of old clothes and watch the reaction.

If they refuse, offer a length of copper pipe and watch for suppressed euphoria! There is a world of difference between the long-gone rag-andbone man and itinerant's cadging scrap metal.

Robert Betteridge, Kings Heath
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Date:Apr 29, 2009
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