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Try classical music for a real vision of Heaven.

THERE is something sad and disturbing about the fact that a show at Cardiff's St David's Hall called Psychic Sally On The Road has sold out.

Sally Morgan, described as "Britain's best loved celebrity psychic," is returning to the venue on November 23 "by overwhelming public demand".

I hope that the majority of the 2,000 people who will be at the hall to witness Psychic Sally get in touch with "the other side" will be there just for a bit of fun.

But I fear that there will be many desperate and vulnerable people who will believe that Psychic Sally has made contact with their departed relatives or whoever else they wish to get in touch with.

I have no doubt that Psychic Sally honestly considers that she has a gift and believes in the spirit world.

Writer Hilary Mantel carried out extensive research into the world of psychics to produce her chilling novel, Beyond Black, featuring a fat medium called Alison.

It's a deeply troubling work that is, in part, a devastating commentary on the bleakness of modern life for many people, a tale of wastelands, unhappiness and ugliness where people look to psychic Alison for some sort comfort and reassurance.

I suppose if Psychic Sally can offer a kind of comfort and reassurance to bereaved people and others looking for "evidence" that their loved ones are waiting for them "on the other side" then it can do no real harm. But it's a sorry reflection of the decline of Christianity that people would rather turn to Psychic Sally than to the churches.

I will not be attending Psychic Sally's show.

However, I will be at the hall two days later when the BBC National Orchestra of Wales will be performing Bruckner and Mozart. Now, that sublime music does offer genuine comfort and reassurance, with glimpses of heaven on "the other side".


* Psychic Sally Morgan will be performing at a sold-out St David's Hall later this month
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 15, 2011
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