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Try a game of 'Planopoly' On the web.

KRYPTON Factor is back. Have you seen it?

It's not the same without Gordon Burns and the flying of that jumbo jet in the simulator.

But the good burghers of Huddersfield have come up with their own new game "Anyone fancy a game of town planning?"

It may not be as catchy as Monopoly, require the brainpower of Scrabble or the wrist action of Hungry Hungry Hippos but it's a winner.

The thread was started by TommyDGNR8 who has a few ideas about how we should shake up the town.

Some of his re-locations include moving Home Bargains into where Woolworths was and moving Primark, Brighthouse and the Post Office into the old Co-op Extension, formerly Heaven and Hell.

He added: "All the relocations and renovations to be funded by KMC and PFI schemes.

"That allows us to completely demolish the entire Hammerson development (the very ugliest of the town's 60s constructions).

That area can then be landscaped and developed as a town centre park."

Despondent has come up with a new idea for the old gasometer just off Old Leeds Road: "Local government offices inside the gasometer, if it rises to the top a meeting is taking place, then flatten Civic Centre."

Whatever can he mean?

Idlejohn has his own plans to ease not only pressure on officers but, it seems, also for drivers: "Move the parking office and allwho work in and from there to Oldham."

Otis is really doing some 'blue sky thinking': "Someone has invented a car that converts into an aeroplane. The market hall can finally be used for the purpose it was designed for, an aircraft hanger. We can fly into town missing the traffic jams and speed cameras, land on the road between the Town Hall and themarket and park up.Do try and keep up."

Unclegrumpy can have the last word: "Bring back trolley buses, abolish Kirklees and bring some pride back into our town."
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jan 15, 2009
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