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Trusted Network Technologies Protects Georgia and New Mexico Voting Systems on Eve of 2006 Elections.

States Meet Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002, Shield Voter Registration Lists from Illegitimate Access

ATLANTA -- Trusted Network Technologies, Inc. (TNT), the identity-based network access company, is safeguarding Georgia's and New Mexico's voter registration systems from external hackers and unauthorized state and county electoral staff as part of the states' compliance with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002.

TNT's low-cost Identity[TM] software and appliance solution controls and audits all access to the states' voter registration systems, ensuring that only authorized election officials using government-owned computers can see and gain access to the network. Voter databases remain "invisible" to everyone else.

"Protecting the voting process from potential threats - people acting either maliciously or carelessly - is the top priority to ensure the integrity of our elections," said Wes Peters, IT elections project coordinator for Georgia. "The fact is, people can't hack, or even access, what they can't see."

HAVA requires states to provide and protect a "single, uniform, official, centralized, interactive, computerized statewide voter registration list." While the consolidated voter information streamlines election processes, it adds new levels of risk; hackers and insiders can target a single data source to compromise an election statewide. In response, states must grant and manage access for state and local election officials, and demonstrate that voting systems are secure.

Identity in Action

TNT's Identity allows Georgia and New Mexico to partition network access based on two criteria: the user's identity and the specific PC, Mac or terminal they use as a primary device. The benefits:

* States easily create and enforce policies that only permit authorized users and devices to view computerized voter information.

* TNT's Identity provides comprehensive audit reports that show who connected to the voter registration systems, from what computer, and when. Reports show user and machine names instead of cryptic IP addresses and port numbers, drastically reducing resources required to manage auditing.

* States know when users unsuccessfully attempted access, identifying potential threats instantly.

* The solution is completely transparent to the end users, avoiding any need for mass training and costly support.

"Voter information is absolutely private," said Wain Kellum, president and CEO of Trusted Network Technologies. "When citizens question the integrity of an election, everyone's credibility is at risk. These election officials are ensuring authenticity and creating comprehensive audit trails to protect this public trust."

TNT's Identity solution deploys in a single day. States can create completely custom controls for HAVA privacy, security and reporting requirements in days or weeks, creating policy incrementally to maintain continuous operations and availability while locking down database access.

Georgia bought Identity in December 2005, and New Mexico purchased in September 2006.

About Trusted Network Technologies, Inc.

TNT's identity audit and control solutions let companies see, control and prove who's interacting with any server or application, from what computer, and when. Colleges and universities, banks, healthcare providers, government agencies and others rely on TNT solutions to ensure appropriate access for trusted users and computers, safeguard sensitive data, verify policy compliance, and speed up audit data gathering. TNT solutions are low cost, fast to deploy, easy to manage and provide comprehensive visibility and control of interactions among all users, computers, groups, and specific assets and applications. For more information, visit or call 888.566.9143.
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Date:Oct 25, 2006
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