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TrustTalk, Book, 2006, Thin Book Publishing, $75.

TrustTalk is a practical tool that can be used to strengthen the elements essential to high performance teams: goal setting, commitment, shared rewards, defined roles, trust, respect, and effective communication. It provides trainers, facilitators, and team leaders conversation starters that promote these elements.


Simple product

The product is simple enough: a collection of 71 cards, each with three questions to promote discussion and suggestions both team members and the leader to enhance trust. Here are sample questions from "Spirit of Unity": What are our common goals to being a part of this team? What do we gain individually if we behave as if "we're all in this together"? The directions are straightforward directions, and the cards are easy to use. They can be used in team meetings or for formal team building and leadership training sessions. The vendor also offers a complementary online assessment.

TrustTalk is based on a six-dimensional model of trust and collaboration. The model uses dialogue as a means to create a collaborative workplace where team members can feel confident to be open with others and take interpersonal risks. The six components of the model--unity, strategic competence, predictability and reliability, integrity and openness, collaborative intent, and psychological safety--interact to produce a work environment that enables team members to gain a high degree of collaborative success.

The major benefit of TrustTalk is the structure it provides for dialogue and thought. When this tool is used correctly, it has the potential to be an excellent vehicle for team growth. This is a product that must be used consistently over time by experienced trainers, facilitators, and team leaders who understand the dynamics of team interaction. When used incorrectly, team dissatisfaction and entrenched resentment could result.


As a corporate trainer I understand the difficulties associated with developing team trust and fostering a collaborative work environment. I recommend that if you are responsible for the development and growth of teams that lack elements essential for high performance, the TrustTalk product is a low-cost way of addressing trust.

Review by Ursula C. Mannix
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Author:Mannix, Ursula C.
Publication:Training Media Review
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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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