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Trust The Post: No ranting reader, we don't try to pull the wool.

Byline: Tony Ellis

EVERY now and then, one meets one's match.

Like the person, for example, who recently sent three pages of ranting, gratuitously offensive and scarcely legible drivel to our Welsh bunker, concluding with the jibe: ``I know you won't have the guts to print this.

``My family fought in the First and Second World Wars, but in this so-called democracy the Daily Post tries to pull the wool over our eyes.'' Whatever that could possibly mean.

And what was the cause of this lunatic diatribe?

Er - the fact that our Welsh cousins down the coast in sunny Conwy hadn't published a previous letter of his (written in precisely the same acerbic vein) whereas the ``likes of Dr Robyn Lewis (a regular contributor to the Letters page) can have his middle-class Welsh bias published, but not ordinary working class''.

You get the picture. The complainant then became somewhat sidetracked and even more excitable, rambling on about the Royal Family and what a shower they all were (except the late Princess Di, of course) and how disgraceful it was for Charles and ``his horse'' Camilla to visit Wales.

Coverage of this event apparently proved the Daily Post was not an ``independent'' paper as proudly claimed, but a ``Tory'' sycophant.

The icing on the cake was that this charmer, who stressed that he was Welsh, Caernarfon-born and proud of it, and thus an expert also on the evils of English in-migration - but who had apparently himself ``moved away 50 years ago'' and was writing from his home on the Wirral - had the nerve to add: ``Address not to be disclosed, please. Don't want nuisance mail.''

We know exactly how you feel, Ifor Jones. Beam me up, Scottie.

And, while we're whirling around in Royal circles, Brocklebank inadvertently referred last week to HRH The Queen, when - as he, of all aristocrats, should know - it should have been HM The Queen.

No knighthood imminent there, then - our apologies to the very highest level.

Finally, Dilwyn Roberts writes, apropos Arianrhod's Tarotscope predictions of Saturday, August 10: ``The planets - or is it the cards? - whatever, must have been aligned in a particularly incredible way last weekend because both Aquarians and Sagittarians were given exactly the same advice - as were Capricornians and Scorpians.''

How the same forecasts got duplicated on the Leisuretime page is, of course, a trade secret, but I can assure you the lady's vision was not at fault.

Our apologies to all disappointed Arianrhod devotees - perhaps we can foretell in future when these blunders might occur.
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Title Annotation:Comment
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 15, 2002
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TRUST THE POST: No, ranting reader - we don't try to pull the wool.
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