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Trunks at Show Demand for Innovation, Multi-Function.

Buffalo, NY, November 16, 2013 --(, the leading online college supplies store, has released a variety of new trunks for dorms this past year. As with any product release, DormCo knows that certain colors and styles will always be more popular than others. Still, consumers have shown increased desire for college footlockers that have multiple features and are still quality, lasting products.

While not a new product line from 2013, DormCo's Armored trunks reached new levels of popularity this past year. It's commonly understood that customers like choices, and these trunks are offered in a variety of colors, from soft pink, to forest green, to mocha. Yet it's not only their color choices that made them top-sellers; they're also amid the highest quality and most durable trunks that DormCo offers. College footlockers are products that can be used year after year, as students will be moving in and out of new dorms and apartments throughout their college careers. With that in mind, the Armored trunks' toughness has made it sought after amid consumers.

DormCo's Armored trunks are also amid the most customizable of the footlockers DormCo offers. Since they have available add-on wheels, hardwood trays, combination locks, and even built-in laptop safes, options have proven ever-more well received amid consumers. Trunks with wheels have been popular, as well, as DormCo's Sorority Girl trunks, which come with affixed wheels have sold out in some colors due to their popularity.

As a new product for 2013, the Rugged trunks at DormCo showed considerable sales. These college trunks have a canvas exterior that resists scratches and dents, making them perfect for move-in day in college, according to DormCo. Since college life can be rough on college products, Rugged trunks were designed to be able to take some of that abuse and still function well.

2013 saw the release of a few new styles and designs of trunks. The Classic Red College Trunk is as its name says: an everyday trunk for college that's a useful supply for any college student. While not one of the larger or flashier dorm room trunks available at DormCo, this footlocker provided just the trunk that was needed for college students looking for a reliable, inexpensive college footlocker. Sometimes the best selection didn't involve always offering more options and features, but by offering some standard and simple supplies as well, DormCo believes.

The Neon Lights College Trunk was another basic yet very well decorated and appealing trunk for college girls, according to DormCo's sales. As far as dorm supplies that have other functions, college trunks themselves could be part of a student's dorm room decor; these trunks for college had colors that made them flashy and stylish; just what female college shoppers were looking for.

For 2014, DormCo will be releasing more college dorm trunks, given that they're popular and have been staples of DormCo's inventory for years. For all questions and inquiries, please contact DormCo at 888 925 2899 or by emailing

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Date:Nov 16, 2013
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