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Trump appointee anti-Muslim.

A senior official at the Homeland Security Department repeatedly pushed a number of far-right conspiracy theories in radio appearances before joining the Trump Administration.

CNN's K-File reported that Frank Wuco, who is charged with helping enforce President Trump's executive orders, regularly propagated unfounded and outlandish claims, including many about former Obama Administration officials.

Among them was the claim that former President Obama's memoir was actually penned by anti-war activist and radical Bill Ayers, as well as claims that former Attorney General Eric Holder had once been a member of the Black Panthers and that former CIA Director John Brennan had converted to Islam. There is no evidence to support any of those claims, which are widely rated as false.

Past comments by Wuco questioning where Obama was born surfaced lasts month. The Homeland Security Department defended Wuco against criticism after those comments surfaced.

"Mr. Wuco works every day to keep the American people safe by helping to implement the President's security-focused agenda, including raising the global bar for vetting and screening of potential terrorists," then-acting DHS press secretary Tyler Houlton told CNN. That was a reference to Wuco's role in developing new standards to judge visa applicants and refugees.

"Years-old comments cherry-picked from thousands of hours on the air have no bearing on his ability to perform his job for the American people," Houlton said.

According to K-File, Wuco, a former conservative talk radio show host, also claimed in 2012 that the parents of Huma Abedin, a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton, were members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

"Her parents were both Muslim Brotherhood," Wuco said on a right-wing radio show. "She maintains very close ties to Muslim Brotherhood organizations here in the United States such as the Islamic Society of North America and [the Council on American-Islamic Relations]."

The claims about Abedin and her parents, both from Pakistan, have been widely debunked.

Caption: WUCO ... now in gov't

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Title Annotation:Faith: Religion and the world
Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
Date:Mar 2, 2018
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