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Truly natural, truly delicious.

In its line of all-natural baked goods, Wholly Healthy says "no" to many standard baking ingredients such as bleached flour, hydrogenated fats, artificial colors, preservatives and flavors. In stead, the company uses organic evaporated cane juice and unbleached and unbromated flour in a wide range of (largely vegan) tasty treats, which include apple, pumpkin and strawberry rhubarb pies ($7.99), pie crusts, peanut butter, chocolate chip and Virginia spice cookies ($2.99), cherry cheese, apple and raspberry danishes, cinnamon buns and crumb cakes. If the flavors don't tempt you, the convenience will. Look for these delicious baked goods, which require only very minimal preparation, in your grocer's freezer. CONTACT: Wholly Healthy, (800)247-6580,

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Title Annotation:Tools for green living: resources for eco-awareness and action
Author:Cooke, Bronwyn
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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