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When I was a kid I would wake up on Saturdays, watch a skate video for breakfast, listen to one of my favorite punk records, and grab my board. I was out on the streets 24/7, cruising the concrete, destroying marble and taxpayer's money. I was chased by cops and security guards. I would eat shit and mud, bruise my bones, and laugh the day away with my friends. I didn't care for a thing in the world--I was free! Now I don't skate anymore, but I'm more of a skater than ever before. You are not. Your mom drives you to the local fancy mall skateshop with her SUV, and you enjoy getting your ass licked and her credit card emptied by some professional salesmen--professional murderers. They killed that which I loved most in this world. They took away the freedom from the kids and made it into an addiction for just some gear, fame, and sponsorship. They took away our own anger and made into a contest with winners and losers, with competition and ambition, and even with conformity and fashion. They then fenced-in our dreams with skateparks and made the streets into parking lots. They put locks on the schools and bumps on the curbs, dismantled the rails and made them into rifles. They made the security services rich and gave votes to the mayors. They comforted the parents and showed everyone that we're not that bad after all. But they lied. Tomorrow I'm getting drunk on cheap beer with my old friends and we'll go out for a midnight skate in the sub-zero darkness. I will bomb a hill while hurling rocks at the skateshop's spotless window. I'll grind on the fat security guard's patrol car and crack his head in two. I'll paint the local bank's curbs black with my rusty trucks. I'll snap the cool kid's deck in half and shove it up his ass. I'll skate to the punk rock show downtown and bring down the amplifiers giving voice to the stupid haircore band playing. I'll bring my guitar with me and play some real oldschool skate thrash tunes until their ears bleed. And then I'll crash in my bed unbathed. And I won't care if I even wake up in the morning. No, I really won't at all. 'Cause I'll be free once again.

Anti-Manifesto Athens, Greece
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Title Annotation:MAiL DROP
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Date:May 1, 2007
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