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True GRIT.

I recently picked up GRIT at a local grocery store. I flipped through it, like I do with most new magazines, and then started rereading from Page 1. Your editorial ("True Grit Embodies Real Pioneer Spirit," March/ April) caught my eye in such a quick instant. I think I have read it to my mom, brother, sister, boyfriend, etc. I love how you explain that "true grit" is comparable to any situation where "guts and glory" can play.

My grandfather loved gardening. Stuck in the suburbs by family and income, he longed for a farm and country land to plant and sow. While I was growing up though, most of my time was spent in his backyard garden. He loved showing me bow snap dragons "snap" and how to plant bulbs and potatoes. And when he wasn't tending to his own garden, he was in others'. He had a true country attitude about helping friends and family, and sharing the harvest. He died when I was 3. I was the last grandchild he "taught" how to plant, and in the months leading up to his death, the garden is what connected my mother (his caretaker at the time), my grandfather and me. Now that I have aged about 20 years since then and have a place to call home, I have started gardening and more recently researching the details of "off-the-grid" living.

Don't get me wrong, urban gardening and being in the city is fantastic, but suburban and city living has just not been hitting the spot. So while I scrimp and save, and learn my techniques, I appreciate the fact that you commend people who use their "true grit" by trying new things, such as "getting by in the big city." I know I will take my "true grit" when I eventually move to the country, to get me through those days when I know I will want to give up. It will be that motivation that will keep me going, planting, sowing, and happy through my years.


Verona, Pennsylvania

And it's the thought of inspiring you and other folks to plant, sow, and be happy through the years that keeps us reading, writing, and striving to put out a great magazine, Rebekah! Thank you for the thoughtful letter: -- Editors


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Title Annotation:Mail Call
Author:Gabud, Rebekah
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jul 1, 2011
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