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True DBList pro 7.0 and true DBSuite 6.7. (Tools).

True DBList Pro 7.0 from ComponentOne, is the latest version of the customisable data-aware ActiveX list and combo controls for Visual Studio that allows developers to retrieve and display data. Version 7.0 of True DBListPro has an enhanced searching facility allowing developers to create custom data search engines to handle large databases using the Find method. It also has a number of Scrollbar enhancements allowing developers to update the controls' display with new data when the scrollbar thumb is moved, end choose whether the controls display a pop-up text window when the scrollbar thumb is dragged.

New features include:

* User interface enhancements: customise the row divider and sub-row divider colours of the controls and change the appearance and colour of cell borders, also customise the height of the edit portion of the combo box and set the number of items in the dropdown portion of the combo box

* Data model enhancements: add array-like data to the TDBList or TDBCombo controls without using the XArrayDB object

* Automatic Column Sizing - keep data readily available with the "spring mode" option that resizes columns proptionately when the list is resized horizontall

* Additem Mode - populate the control using AddItem, RemoveItem and Clear methods

* 3D Display - use the standard control appearance or switch to three-dimensional display of the list's border, caption bars, column headings and column footers

* Right-to-Left Functionality accommodate Arabic or Latin languages

* Checkbox Selection - make multiple selections by clicking the checkbox attached to each row

* Add-in Migration Utility - automatically converts your existing Visual Basic projects from the previous version to ComponentOne True DBList Pro 7.0. True DBSuite 6.7 includes True DBList Pro 7.0, True DBGrid Pro 7.0 and True DBInput Pro 6.0.
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Publication:Software World
Date:Jul 1, 2001
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