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Trucking tidbit.

Trucking Tidbit

Dallas Carrier Corp. proved to be an elusive acquisition target for two Arkansas truckers interested in adding the $24 million outfit to their respective operations.

Continental Express of Little Rock ($21 million revenues) and McNeill Trucking of Calico Rock ($18 million) both made unsuccessful runs at buying Dallas Carrier last year but came away with an empty load.

The problem? About the only thing the co-owners of the Rockwell, Texas-based enterprise could agree to agree on was to disagree.

Continental Express came back a second time and still couldn't buy out the partners but did end up taking one of them out of the picture.

Jerome Fleischer agreed to sell his half of Dallas Carrier to Continental Express back in October. The other partner, Gary Bottoms, retained his 50 percent stake in the company and will continue on as president of Dallas Carrier.

This ticklish deal was 1 1/2 years in the making since Ralph Bradbury, president of Continental Express, first learned of the opportunity at a 1988 American Truckers Association meeting. In the end, half a deal was better than no deal at all.
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Title Annotation:acquisition of Dallas Carrier Corp.
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:May 21, 1990
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