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Truck fleet will be 'common' for Army, Marines.

The Army and the Marine Corps appear to be at odds on what type of truck they would like to buy to replace the ubiquitous Humvee. The Army is seeking a "light utility" truck, while the Marine Corps envisions a "combat tactical vehicle." But with Pentagon budgets becoming tighter, the services will not be allowed to buy two different fleets of vehicles, and have been directed to consolidate their requirements so they can acquire a common fleet. This will be a "challenge," says Army Brig. Gen. John Bartley Jr., program executive officer for combat support. "The Humvee replacement will be joint program with the Marine Corps ... but both services use the Humvee differently." The Marines want room for six passengers, the Army wants seating for four. They have to achieve some sort of compromise before 2007, when the Army expects to award procurement contracts for new trucks. "We'll come to closure on what the requirements are," Bartley says.
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Title Annotation:Washington PULSE
Author:Kennedy, Harold
Publication:National Defense
Date:Dec 1, 2005
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