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Troubled talk; metaphorical negotiation in problem discourse.


Troubled talk; metaphorical negotiation in problem discourse.

Kupferberg, Irit and David Green.

Walter de Gruyter


221 pages



Language, power, and social process; 15


Some of the troubled selves are at a point of crisis, while others live in a state of continual crisis. They call hotlines or radio talk shows, or go online, or in some other relatively anonymous ways find someone to hear their stories. Here the authors closely analyze 21 "troubled selves" in these anonymous statements and narratives to find how they negotiate their troubled experiences with others, and find a wealth of "organizing tropes," figurative forms that concisely describe problems. The authors analyze the organizing tropes and examine the discursive construction of control, particularly in cases where the troubled self is negotiating the right to advertise or construct addictive disorders. They close by redefining the boundaries of problem discourse from what they have learned.

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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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