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Trouble lurking beneath the city.

METRO 2033 360 IT'S no surprise to learn that the team behind Metro 2033 are also responsible for PC shooter S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Developer 4A Games' latest title tips its hat to the PC game on more than one occasion, with Metro 2033 taking place in a post-apocalyptic Russia.

Survivors from a nuclear attack cower in shanty towns deep beneath Moscow in the city's metro system.

But the fallout from the attack isn't the only problem, as shambling, mind-altering mutants prowl a vast labyrinth beneath the city.

Metro 2033 is a claustrophobic first-person shooter, with the player forced to scamper through dark, confined tunnels, trying to find answers to the Metro's paranormal problems.

The core gameplay isn't radically different to other shooters but the idea of using bullets as money is a novel approach.

Unfortunately, the frantic shoot-outs in the dark, coupled with the fact that enemies are bullet sponges, leaves you with scant funds and only a knife with which to protect yourself.

The gas mask, too, is a nice touch, with the player forced to use the protective equipment to progress through lungdamaging green smog. While the visuals and animation are impressive, Metro 2033 is a frustrating game as random deaths are all too common.

The game's use of darkness and light might have looked good on paper, but in a fast-paced, frenzied shootout, it's just plain annoying. Metro 2033 is a good game with cracking visuals, but it has too many flaws.

As a result, it fails to fully engage the player, leaving it just short of a must-have title.


MONSTER: Danger lurks
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 9, 2010
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