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Tropicana 'Fortifies' Pure Premium Line-Up with Two New Calcium Products.

BRADENTON, Fla., Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Tropicana Products, Inc. is fortifying its Pure Premium line of calcium-added juices with two new additions: Tropicana Pure Premium Grovestand Calcium orange juice, the first "pulpy" calcium-fortified orange juice and Tropicana Pure Premium Ruby Red Grapefruit Calcium grapefruit juice, the only grapefruit juice that offers more calcium than milk.

The new products follow the success of Tropicana Pure Premium with Calcium and Extra Vitamin C, which has grown 173% since it was re-introduced in August 1997 with a superior calcium source called FruitCal. At that time, the National Academy of Sciences announced an increase in the recommended daily allowance for calcium.

"With fortified orange juice sales tripling over the last four years, driven by calcium added products, it is apparent that consumers are looking to calcium-fortified juice as a significant dietary source of calcium," said Brian Cornell, senior vice president and general manager, for Tropicana's North American grocery business. "Now consumers who prefer Tropicana Pure Premium's Grovestand orange juice with pulp or Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice can enjoy their favorite juices with calcium added."

In an independent national consumer survey commissioned by Tropicana in December 1998, 48% of respondents said they preferred their orange juice with pulp. An eight-ounce serving of Tropicana Pure Premium Grovestand Calcium orange juice contains 35% of the Daily Value for calcium, or 350 milligrams. In addition, it also provides 180% of the Daily Value for Vitamin C and is a good source of folate and potassium.

Grapefruit juice lovers can enjoy Tropicana's calcium-fortified version that contains more calcium than milk. Tropicana Pure Premium Ruby Red Grapefruit Calcium grapefruit juice is the only calcium-fortified juice to offer 40% of the Daily Value for calcium, or 402 milligrams per eight-ounce serving. It also contains only 90 calories and provides 160% of the Daily Value for Vitamin C.

Extending the Success of FruitCal

"The success of Tropicana Pure Premium Calcium and Extra Vitamin C can be attributed to FruitCal, which does not affect the taste of Pure Premium and provides superior calcium absorption," said Cornell.

Tropicana Pure Premium is the only 100% orange juice to contain the patented calcium source FruitCal, or calcium citrate malate (CCM). FruitCal has been clinically tested and shown to:

-- Provide a more absorbable type of calcium than other calcium


-- Build stronger bones in children and adolescents

-- Help maintain bone mass in adult women

"Research shows only 10 to 15% of Americans meet their daily requirements for calcium, which has been linked to a number of health benefits, including reducing the risk of osteoporosis," said Carla McGill, Ph.D., R.D., senior nutrition scientist at Tropicana. "Having a glass of Tropicana Pure Premium calcium-fortified orange juice with breakfast and a glass of Ruby Red Grapefruit Calcium grapefruit juice later in the day provides 75% of the Daily Value for calcium and goes a long way towards helping Americans 'bone up' on the calcium they need."

Tropicana Pure Premium Grovestand Calcium orange juice and Tropicana Pure Premium Ruby Red Grapefruit Calcium grapefruit juice will be available in 64-ounce pour spout cartons in the chilled juice section of supermarkets nationwide in February.

To commemorate the launch of the calcium products, Tropicana is donating calcium-fortified Pure Premium juices to the Child Health Foundation, a 14 year-old international charity based in Columbia, Maryland, that awards grants to organizations which focus on making lasting changes in American children's health. The product donation, which consists of 3,200 servings of calcium-fortified juice, will be earmarked for children at risk for malnutrition.

Tropicana Products, Inc., a division of PepsiCo, Inc. (NYSE: PEP), is the world's leading producer and marketer of branded fruit juices. Based in Bradenton, Fla., Tropicana markets its products in the U.S. under a number of brand names, including: Tropicana(R) Pure Premium(R) Original, Grovestand(TM) and HomeStyle(TM) orange juices; Tropicana(R) Pure Premium(R) calcium-fortified juices: Calcium and Extra Vitamin C orange juice, Grovestand(TM) Calcium orange juice and Ruby Red Grapefruit Calcium grapefruit juice; Tropicana(R) Pure Premium(R) Double Vitamin C with Vitamin E orange juice; Tropicana(R) Pure Premium(R) Tropical Orange, Ruby Red Orange and Tangerine Orange juices; Tropicana Pure Premium(R) Ruby Red Grapefruit, Ruby Red Grovestand(TM) and Golden grapefruit juices; Dole(R) juices and juice blends; Tropicana(R) Season's Best(TM) and Pure Tropics(R) juices; and Tropicana Twister(R) juice beverages. The Dole brand name is licensed from Dole Food Company, Inc. FruitCal(R) is licensed from Procter & Gamble.
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