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Trolling baits for sails.

Ask captains in Fort Pierce, Miami and the Keys what they use for sailfish, and you'll get different answers. The bait of choice may depend on what's most readily available and affordable in each region. At the same time, guys fine-tune their systems to accommodate their boats and the needs of the day. Is it tournament time, or just fun-fishing?


Recently we talked with three skippers who share in common not only decades of expertise, but similar platforms: flybridge sportfishers with outriggers. Slow-trolling is the name of the game.

For up-to-the-minute reports on where and when to put these rigs into action, catch the weekly Fishing 4Casts on www.floridasports or Florida Sportsman Live! Radio ESPN 760 AM, 7 a.m. Saturday mornings.

Jeff Weakley, Editor

Rig illustrations by Joe Suroviec

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Title Annotation:How We Rig It
Author:Weakley, Jeff
Publication:Florida Sportsman
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Date:Jan 1, 2010
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