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Trokar hook new models.

Surgically-sharpened Eagle Claw Trokar hooks are now available in a wide spectrum of designs and sizes. One new model of interest to big-game saltwater anglers is the TK619. Offset and non-offset, ringed and non-ringed, models are available in medium wire from 1/0 to 6/0, and heavy wire from 4/0 to 12/0--think yellowfin tuna, shark, and large tarpon, using lines in the 50-pound or greater class. Packages retail at $17.99. Another neat addition, possibly of interest to Florida anglers, is the TK175 Kelp Trick. It's a weedless, weighted swimbait hook developed, as the name implies, for fishing through the thick kelp forests of California. Out there, calico bass have a knack for wrapping around weeds and pulling hooks. An injection-molded, reverse-facing secondary barb helps lock the hook in place when a fish bites. A 2-pack retails for $6.99. See


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Publication:Florida Sportsman
Date:Oct 1, 2014
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