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Trivium Technologies, Inc. Develops Next-generation Brightness Optimization Film for LCD Displays; Trivium's Single-Layer BRILLIANT Film(TM) Will Further Increase LCD Brightness versus the Multiple-Layer Film Solutions Available Currently.

CLEVELAND -- Trivium Technologies, Inc. has developed and has patents pending for a Brightness Optimization Film for LCD displays. Trivium's BRILLIANT Film(TM) will improve the display's brightness versus current optical film solutions.

BRILLIANT Film sets a new Industry Standard for brightness solution

The Industry's current standard Brightness Enhancement Film solution consists of either a single or double layer of Brightness Enhancement Film. Additionally, a recycling reflective polarizing layer can be added for further performance optimization. Trivium's BRILLIANT Film(TM) should exceed the performance of these multi-film solutions, based on predictive performance analysis output using the Industry-standard illumination design software, LightTools (authored by Optical Research Associates).

Refined solution for wide screen TVs

The LightTools modeling output also suggests that the Trivium BRILLIANT Film could substantially improve viewability of wide screen applications such as LCD TVs that are currently impeded by today's brightness film solutions.

Extended Battery Life in mobile devices

Additionally, the luminance boost provided by the Trivium BRILLIANT Film(TM) may contribute to extended battery life in mobile displays by increasing the overall efficiency of the backlight system.

Trivium Chief Technology Officer Dr. Neil D. Lubart, Ph.D, initially developed the innovative film technology. Trivium has refined the design and optimized the performance of the BRILLIANT Film(TM) through an iterative round of alpha prototype sample films that "proved the concept" for optimized light management. These physical prototypes coupled with the predictive performance analysis from the LightTools modeling resulted in the film design currently being manufactured.

Substantial Intellectual Property Patent Portfolio

Since its inception in 2000, Trivium has submitted eight major filings with approximately 400 Intellectual Property claims for light management films with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and other major countries worldwide. Three US Patents have been granted to date, with several other filings in process. The first US Patent has also been granted in several other countries, with more in process.


In addition to managing the patent portfolio for Trivium, Dr. Lubart is working closely with a contract manufacturer who is manufacturing beta samples of the Trivium BRILLIANT Film(TM) for final system testing prior to manufacturing ramp up. Dr. Lubart stated, "The optical modeling output from LightTools allowed Trivium to refine the high performance film design while leveraging current manufacturing methods. We are confident in the projected results from the 3D light modeling, and we are eager to test the final film in an array of displays, scheduled for later this year."

The display industry in general has demonstrated explosive growth, and the brightness film business specifically is projected to reach $3 Billion dollars annually by 2007. The potential market for a superior next-generation brightness film is truly substantial. Timothy Wojciechowski, CEO of Trivium Technologies, said, "Every current and prospective display film company understands that the only way to enter today's BEF market is with a patented, innovative film that offers display manufacturers a better performing, cost-effective solution. We believe that the Trivium BRILLIANT Film(TM) is the next-generation design in brightness films."

The first design of the BRILLIANT Film(TM) will target handheld displays. Trivium has optimized an additional film design for wide viewing angle applications, such as LCD TVs. Trivium has also completed preliminary film designs for transflective displays and OLED displays. Chief Operating Officer Tom Lash suggests, "Trivium has refined a core film design to efficiently manage and direct light, be it ambient or system backlight. Every LCD manufacturer would prefer to grow market share by offering innovation instead of price-cutting. We will find the proper strategic partner to insure that Trivium's innovations are optimally exploited in the market, resulting in better displays for all. With the BRILLIANT Film(TM), Trivium is not offering just brightness enhancement, but brightness optimization."

A technical White Paper authored by Dr. Richard Hansler of Lighting Innovations Institute to accompany this Press Release is available online at

Trivium is a privately held company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

(Photographs of management available upon request.)

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